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Her Boyfriend Tried To Surprise Her With Something Special For Prom And She Told Him She Knows What The Surprise Is But She Doesn’t Want



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A 17-year-old girl has been dating her 16-year-old boyfriend for over a year, and she feels comfortable enough with him at this point that she has no problem being honest or direct with him.

She went to prom with her boyfriend last week, and before prom, she overheard that her boyfriend planned on surprising her with something special.

“I really don’t like surprises so when my boyfriend had been dangling over my head that he had a surprise for prom I already knew what it was,” she explained.

At the beginning of this year, she and her boyfriend had discussed potentially driving a kind of sports car to their winter formal, though she backed out of that.


She does get terrible anxiety, and she hates being the focal point of anything at all. While she let her boyfriend know that she didn’t want to drive up to their formal in a sports car, she suggested that perhaps they could save that idea for when prom came.

When prom did arrive, she informed her boyfriend a day before prom that she knew what his secret surprise was.

Although she had figured he might want to drive the sports car to prom with her, her suspicions were confirmed when she was talking to her boyfriend’s mom and she dropped a hint about the car.

“I told him that I was worried that I wouldn’t give the reaction they’d expect because I don’t want to ruin everything with my anxiety and would rather take his mom’s car,” she said.

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“I also regret asking now but I asked him if we could take some pictures without the car because I know all his dad cares about is fame and looking good rather than his son, I know that this isn’t really what he wants and it’s more of what his dad wants.”

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