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Her Boyfriend Felt Embarrassed After She Insisted On Splitting The Bill With Him At An Upscale Restaurant



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A 25-year-old woman is dating a guy who is 10 years older than she is, and they have been together for 3 years.

Weirdly enough, her birthday, her boyfriend’s birthday, and the anniversary of the day they first met one another all fall on the exact same week; just days apart.

To celebrate all of their major events, she and her boyfriend agreed that she would come up with a “surprise” for his birthday this year, and he would do the same for her.

For their anniversary, they picked an upscale restaurant to eat at, and since it is expensive, they talked about splitting their bill for that evening.


The day of her birthday rolled around, which was the first event for them to celebrate together. Honestly, her birthday was a train wreck.

Although her boyfriend had promised to take that entire day off of work, he didn’t tell her the truth. As they walked around a museum, he kept ducking into a bathroom so he could work.

If that wasn’t irritating enough, the “present” her boyfriend bought for her birthday was a strawberry tart she couldn’t even eat because she has an allergy to strawberries.

Her boyfriend had got her that dessert as part of her present, and the rest of his present to her was spending time with her that day.


But wait; then at 8 p.m. her boyfriend ditched her to go watch a sports game and she was left to enjoy the rest of her birthday all by herself.

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