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She Just Found Out That The Guy She’s Dating Is Married, But She Doesn’t Want To Stop Seeing Him Because



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A young woman began dating a guy not that long ago, and he turned into the very first boyfriend that she has ever had.

After only dating this guy for a couple of months, she found out that he’s actually married, and he has a kid with his wife.

“I confronted him and he explained how the marriage was a bad one and how he wants out and he’s just waiting for the perfect time,” she explained.

He gave her a sob story about how his wife is awful and he can’t wait to be able to finally leave his wife behind.


He showed her papers that she thought proved he was going to separate from his wife, yet he claimed his wife wasn’t willing to sign the paperwork.

“I believed him and kept on seeing him,” she said. “I later found out that they were buying a place together and I told him this doesn’t look like something he wants to end it he’s committing to buying a place with this woman he claims he hates and wants to leave.”

She worried that him buying a place with his wife meant that he would have more reasons to remain with her.

Again, he insisted he was going to leave his wife and that they were only buying a house together in order to sell it in a few years and make money on it.


If you’re thinking those are red flags enough, just wait. She discovered pretty recently that her boyfriend is not only married; he’s been talking to other women.

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