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She’s Seeing A Guy 12 Years Older Than Her, But After She Refused To Commit To Him Due To Their Age Gap, He Found Someone New



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A 23-year-old woman met a 35-year-old guy and decided to go on a couple of dates with him. After going on those dates, it dawned on her that she couldn’t possibly move forward in a serious way with him.

Since he was 12 years older than her, she knew her family would not approve of their age gap, and she was convinced she “had more options out there” so instead, they kept their relationship strictly physical and nothing more than that.

After things continued on in this way for some time, they decided to stop seeing one another completely and just try to move forward as friends only; not friends with benefits.

She tried her best to date guys her own age, or at least, close to it, but then she wanted this older guy back.


She reached out to him to see if they could go back to being friends with benefits, and he agreed to resume that relationship with her.

Unfortunately, things aren’t going so great right now, because he has hit it off with another woman.

“What’s making me reconsider things is that recently (although we’re exclusive) he told me he’s talking to someone new,” she explained.

“I understand why he would because I made it pretty clear that I could never date him (even though he expressed he wishes he could date me).”


“Basically I’m jealous. I’m still super young and have time to meet someone else so I don’t want to rush into a serious relationship.”

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