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She is Terrifying: Bride Boarded a Cab after Coming From Stylist Before The wedding, Driver Saw Her Get Scared



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Mary woke up in a great mood today. Her dream will come true, and she will become Paul’s wife. Mary had fallen in love with him back in high school, and it was no surprise. Paul was always the soul of the company and easily won girls’ hearts at school. All the girls dreamed of him, including Mary.

Despite the fact that the guy was from a simple, large family, Paul was very sociable. He made friends with various boys and never humiliated himself in front of anyone. Everyone at school respected him very much. Mary was also not from a rich family, but since she was an only child, it was much easier for them to live, unlike Paul’s family, where only his father worked. Mary had both parents working, and she never needed anything at all.


Whatever the reason, of all the girls, it was Mary who attracted Paul’s heart. They dated for a while and then decided to get married. When Mary announced that she was going to marry Paul, her parents were very unhappy with her choice, but they did not interfere, reasonably deciding that their daughter is a grown-up and has the right to decide whom and when to marry. Being such understanding parents, they even took all the expenses of the wedding on themselves, knowing perfectly well that Paul and his family would not be able to do it.

On the morning of the wedding day, Mary went to her stylist to get her hair and makeup done and stayed there longer than she was supposed to. On the way back, she was in a hurry because the celebration was only two hours away. The girl got into the first cab that stopped. After a few minutes, a young man behind the wheel looked in the rearview mirror and told Mary that his name was Scott and that she should not worry; he would not do her any harm. However, they needed to talk.


Mary was very frightened and did not know what to do. She tried to open the door, but it was blocked. The girl tried to arouse sympathy in the man, to persuade him to let her go, or at least let her make a phone call, but all was useless. Scott stubbornly drove to the outskirts of the city. Suddenly, he stopped the car near a small house buried in the thickets of wild grapes and offered Mary to go into the house, drink tea, and talk quietly.

The panic-stricken girl begged Scott to let her go, as her wedding was about to begin, and her groom was waiting for her, who was probably scrambling around looking for her. After these words, Scott angrily told Mary that there was no groom, because he mainly betrayed her because of his rich mistress. Mary froze in bewilderment, and Scott got out of the car, saying that if she wanted to hear the truth about her fiancé, he was waiting for her in the house. While she was deciding, he would make coffee.


The guy left, and Mary could not overcome her curiosity and soon followed him. Once inside, she sat down on a kitchen chair, and Scott immediately began his story from afar. He had a difficult childhood. His parents were constantly drunk, so the guardianship took him to the orphanage, giving his parents a chance to quit drinking, get a job, and get the house cleaned up. Of course, six months later, nothing changed, and his parents were permanently deprived of their rights.

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Scott ended up in an orphanage, where he stayed until he came of age. He did not like being in the orphanage, and he often ran away just to wander the city streets. He walked and gazed sadly through the windows of other people’s houses, where cheerful life was boiling, and delicious smells were wafting in. He felt lonely, unneeded, and he was dying of homesickness in this huge city.


On one of his escapes, Scott saw hooligans hurting an elderly man. The guy rushed to his defense. The old man thanked the guy and introduced himself as Mr. Bailey. Upon hearing that Scott was from the orphanage, the man invited the boy to visit him. Scott happily agreed. Mr. Bailey lived in a small house on the grounds of a large mansion where he worked as a gardener. The old man gave Scott tasks, asked him about his life, and offered to visit more often. And so Scott did. They became great friends, and Scott treated the older man as his own grandfather and helped him with the work in the yard.

The old man introduced Scott as his grandson to the owner, and the boy was allowed to help. So the boy began to visit the elderly man even more often and sometimes even stayed overnight. One day, during one of his visits, Scott saw a girl in the garden, the daughter of the owner. Her name was Selena, and she was incredibly beautiful and so unlike all the other girls he had met before that the boy immediately fell in love. He understood that Selena was unlikely to pay attention to him, so he loved her secretly, as some sublime miracle.


Mr. Bailey, on the other hand, had a different opinion of Selena. He saw that the girl was strongly spoiled and had an obnoxious character and often told Scott about it. But the boy did not understand how it was possible that such a wonderful girl could be bad. He thought that the elderly man had simply forgotten with age what it meant to love. One day, Selena came up to him and asked him his name. While Scott, stammering with excitement, tried to answer the girl’s questions, she had already lost interest in him and, having given the order to cut the fresh roses for her birthday, left.

Her parents arranged a wonderful party for Selena. The tables on the lawn were bursting with all kinds of treats and gifts, bright lights everywhere, music, and laughter. Scott watched the party, hiding in a secluded corner of the garden, and dreamed that Selena remembered and invited him. But, of course, he had no place among these beautifully dressed children, and Scott returned to the orphanage.

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Years went by, Scott became an adult, served in the army, and after his discharge, he immediately came to visit Mr. Bailey. The old man was very happy, and they chatted about everything for a long time. After hearing that Scott had gotten his driver’s license in the army, Mr. Bailey offered to talk to his owner about a job as a driver. So Scott began working at Selena’s house as a driver and soon saw her again. The girl turned into a stunning beauty, which caused the guy to feel a new rush of love. But Selena just didn’t notice Scott. When she saw him, she did not even remember the guy, and in addition, she did not even hide her disdain for him.

But Scott was not offended by this capricious beauty. Even when one day he dared to confess his feelings to her, and she only laughed in his face, he decided to just wait as long as it took until the girl understood that no one would love her as much as he did. In the meantime, Selena was enjoying life and didn’t need anyone. She was used to being adored by everyone and was greatly surprised when she met a guy at a club who didn’t want to fall on his knees in front of her and paid no attention to the cranky rich girl.


Selena was not used to this kind of attitude, and when a day later she saw this guy walking down the street with a girl, she was furious and swore to get him no matter what it would cost her. Of course, she soon got what she wanted. They started dating, and one day Selena completely unashamed of her driver started hitting on this guy right in the back seat of the car. Scott became so disgusted at this moment that he stopped and got out of the car, leaving the lovers alone.

Mary didn’t understand what Scott was leading up to until he said that Selena’s boyfriend was her Paul. But that wasn’t the worst part. Scott told her that he had driven Selena and Paul a few days ago and heard Selena say that she wanted to marry him. Paul assured her that it would be he who would just tell his fiancee that there would be no wedding. But that wasn’t enough for Selena; she had fought for Paul for so long and wanted to get revenge on his fiancee. So she ordered Paul to leave his bride right on the wedding day, and while Mary disgraced and abandoned would be rushing in tears among the guests, he and Selena would fly to Miami.


Paul didn’t like this idea at all, but Selena gave him an ultimatum. Either he would do what she said, or it was all over between them. In the end, Paul agreed. After finishing his story, Scott put a cup of coffee in front of a shocked Mary and added that he had brought her here to tell her everything in a quiet atmosphere because he could not allow a good girl to be treated so unfairly.

Mary could not believe the betrayal of her beloved, and then Scott offered to call her parents and see if Paul had arrived. Mary called her father and found out that Paul had not yet arrived. At that moment, the girl clearly realized that all this time she had been blindly in love with Paul and did not notice how he really was. The girl reassured her worried father, said she would be coming soon, and hung up. She asked Scott to take her home because she had to explain to her parents and guests that there would be no wedding. But then Scott looked at the girl fondly and said that she could do otherwise. After all, it was clear that fate had brought them together, and if Mary agreed to stay with him in this house and become his wife, he would do everything so that she would never regret it.

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Mary unexpectedly for herself smiled and agreed. They got into the car and hurried off as there was not much time left before the wedding registration. On the way, she called her father and told him that Paul had changed his mind about getting married, but the wedding was not off. She also asked for someone to go and get Mr. Bailey because he was the only person close to her fiancé.

A few hours later, the newlyweds Scott and Mary were already having fun at the wedding with all the guests looking at each other tenderly. Mary’s parents were very surprised because they had never heard of any Scots, but they immediately liked the guy for his kindness and simplicity. When Mr. Bailey came to the microphone to congratulate the young couple and told a touching story of acquaintance and friendship with Scott, many of the guests could not hold back their tears.


The elderly man wished the newlyweds a lot of happiness and a long life together. The party was in full swing when suddenly Paul appeared in the hall. Everyone got quiet and began to observe what would happen next. Paul was surprised that his bride, instead of sobbing in the corner, quickly found a new groom. Mary asked with a chuckle why Paul wasn’t still in Miami on the beach with Selena, after all, he had been dreaming about it so much.

But it turned out that Selena played a joke on him, and then Paul thought that maybe he still had time for his wedding with Mary. But Scott quickly made clear that such a traitor like Paul had no place here. The man sadly went away, knowing that he lost everything he had and did not know whether he could find his happiness again.


As for Selena, she was not happy either. She had laughed at Paul flying to Miami to marry a handsome Italian man, but suddenly found herself pregnant with Paul’s child. And now she sat sobbing and didn’t know what to do. Her supposed marriage was falling apart because of the hated Paul, and she just couldn’t understand at all why, for what transgressions, had this happened to her.

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