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Police Get Call from Crying Mom Begging to Fulfill Her Son’s Last Wish



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A police dispatcher answered a call from a distraught mother only to learn that she wanted her son’s last wish to be granted. However, his response went a long way in making the mother feel better.

Margot’s four-year-son Christian was her whole world. Of course, her world had been a little bigger until last year, when her husband George was there with her. But after he learned that Christian had leukemia, he took the easy way out of misery and abandoned his family.

Margot worked as an accountant in one of the most prestigious firms in New York, so money was not a problem even after George left. However, when the doctors delivered the terrible news to her on the phone that her son only had a few months to live, Margot did miss George’s support.

The woman was devastated as she hung up the call and sank on the sofa crying. Worried, Christian dashed towards her, holding a tissue in his tiny hands, and sat beside her, wiping her tears. “Why are you crying, Mom?” he inquired softly. “Did someone scold you?”


“No, Chris,” Margot sobbed. “Mumma is just worried about you.”

“About me? But why? Oh wait, did Dr. Peterson say that I’ll have to undergo a new treatment again? It’s okay, mom. I’m a strong boy. Everything will be fine.”

How do I tell you, Chris, that nothing is fine? I don’t even know how to tell you that you don’t have a lot of time! Margot burst into tears once more.

Looking at her mother sobbing inconsolably, Chris hugged her. “It’s all right, Mom. Don’t worry. It’ll all be fine.”


“You’re very brave, Chris,” Margot said between sobs. “However, Mumma has a question for you. Will you give me an honest answer?”

“Of course, mom!” Chris said, nodding his tiny head. “You can ask me anything.”

“Okay, let’s say Genie could grant you one last wish, Chris, what would you ask him for?” Margot asked.

“That’s really simple, mom! But I actually have two wishes,” Christ chuckled. “One, I always want you and me to be together, and the second is that when I grow up, I want to become a police officer and protect others!”

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“And what about your favorite toys and chocolates? You don’t want them anymore?”

Chris laughed. “I can always get that, mom. But you know, to become an officer, you have to study a lot, and I don’t like studying, so I’d ask Genie to grant that as my last wish. After all, it’s my dream to become an officer, mom!”

After listening to Chris’s last wish, Margot couldn’t sleep a wink that night. Whenever she closed her eyes, her thoughts returned to her son, who was happily sitting on the sofa beside her, telling her his last wishes.

She eventually got out of bed and went to Chris’s room. She sat beside him, staring at him as he slept peacefully in his small bed, and made a promise to herself. Chris, Mumma will make your dream come true. Mumma would do anything for your happiness.


So the next day, after Chris had gone to play with a friend, Margot dialed 911. The call was received by an officer named William Banks. “Hello, this is 911. How may I help?”

“Hi, my name is Margot Smith. I’m calling about my son. Please, help me!” Margot’s eyes welled up as she spoke. She was worried that the officer would refuse to comply with her request.

But Officer Banks could sense the despair in her voice. He’d handled several calls in his career, and he had a strange feeling that this one wouldn’t be as simple as he’d hoped. Nonetheless, he made every effort to remain calm in the face of the situation.

“We will help you, ma’am,” he gently replied. “That’s our duty. But what exactly happened to your son? Is he missing? Can you please tell us the problem?”


“My son is only four years old, officer,” Margot continued. “And I need your help to fulfill his last wish…” But before she could finish, she burst out crying.

“Don’t worry, ma’am. Try to calm down. We’ll need to know everything so we can help you. So please relax and let us know how we can assist you.”

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“Well, it all happened last year when I took my son Chris to the doctor…” Margot began. When she finally revealed what her son had requested as his final wish and how she wanted them to help her with it, Officer Banks was perplexed. Of course, her request was unusual, but he knew he couldn’t let it go unanswered. So he thought of a plan to ensure that the poor mother’s request was met.

That weekend, Margot heard a knock at her door. On her doorstep, she found two officers smiling and one of them holding a small police outfit in his hand. “We’re sorry, Mrs. Smith, it took us a while to contact the local manufacturers to get the uniform, but here we are as promised. Where is Chris?” Officer Banks asked.


Margot’s happiness knew no bounds at the sight of the officers visiting her home. “Chris!” she cried cheerfully. “Look who’s come to meet you!”

“Who’s there, mom?” Chris came out running towards her. “Is that Aiden? Tell him I can’t come for football today. I have to watch my favorite series.” But as Chris came running to the door, he saw the two officers waiting for him.

“Hi, there, young man. My name is William,” Officer Banks introduced himself. “And this is my friend Ben. We heard you wanted to be a cop when you grow up. Would you like to spend a day with us as a cop? And in case your answer is yes, we have a uniform for you.”

Chris’s eyes lit up. “Is this real, mom? Can I actually…” Margot nodded.


“Oh my god, thank you, mom! Thank you so much! I love you, mom!” Chris jumped in excitement. And after a few minutes, he came out dressed as the most adorable officer that could have ever existed.

Ben and William gave him a small walkie-talkie and drove him around town in their patrol car and showed him how things worked inside a police station and how dogs were trained. Chris was delighted to have spent the entire day with the officers

Meanwhile, Margot was relieved to see her son so happy, but the fear of losing him lingered. It gave her shivers just thinking about it. Thankfully, that time never came.

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“We’re surprised, too, Mrs. Smith,” Dr. Peterson said on the phone one day, “but Chris is doing better now! To be honest, I was skeptical as well, so I double-checked the reports, and he’s actually doing well!”


Margot couldn’t believe her ears. “Are you serious, doctor? I mean, it’s hard for me to believe it, but I am very happy!”

“Think of it as a miracle, Mrs. Smith. Right now, your son is in remission. There is a chance his leukemia will return, however, we will give it our all.”

“And, yes… Chris is free to return to school like any other student,” Dr. Peterson added. “There’s no need to be concerned any longer. He’ll just need to return for periodical check-ups to monitor his blood and make sure he stays cancer-free.”

“Thank you, Dr. Peterson!” Martha exclaimed, her face beaming. “We’ll make sure to be there for all the routine check-ups. I just want to make sure Chris is all right. But thank you for your efforts, doctor. I don’t know how to express how grateful I am!”


“It’s okay, Mrs. Smith. I am happy that Chris will be able to live a much better life now. I’ll be seeing you.”

As Margot hung up the phone, she ran happily to Chris and hugged him. “I love you, Chris. Mumma loves you! You are not leaving me!”

Chris was perplexed. “But mom, when did I say I would leave you? Didn’t I tell you I would always be with you?”

“Yes, honey,” Margot couldn’t stop crying. “You’ll stay with me. You won’t go anywhere…”


What can we learn from this story?

Miracles do happen. Chris’s condition was deteriorating, and doctors predicted he wouldn’t live more than a few months. But surprisingly, the boy began feeling better, and his health improved.

Not all heroes wear capes; some just wear badges and a police uniform. The way William Banks tackled the whole situation and fulfilled Margot’s request is an excellent example of this.

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