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Nobody Believed My Father Was Sleeping With Me So I Kept The Pregnancy As Revenge



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My father started sleeping with me when I was in JHS. I was his favourite child. She paid my fees on time, bought me things he didn’t buy for my other siblings and always made sure I was alright.

One night, I was sleeping when I felt a moving darkness had descended on me. I instinctively opened my eyes only to see my dad standing at my feet, casting a large shadow on me. I was sleeping next to my elder sister.

My dad asked me to get up and follow him. I trusted him. A man who loved me that much wouldn’t have bad intentions so I got up and followed him to his room. Mom had travelled to the North. She travelled once every month to the north to buy maize, beans and other things to come and sell. Dad was alone that night so he took me to his……CONTINUE.READING.FULL.STORY.HERE…….

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