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“Jesus Appeared To Me And Said He Will Save Me” – Muslim Woman



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In a remarkable display of faith changes, a number of Muslim Imams and traditional believers in Abuja have converted to Christianity. This event is part of what many are calling a global revival of Christian faith, extending from Asia to Africa.

The Story of Ramotu Audu

Among the many converts is Ramotu Audu, a Nigerian lawyer from Kogi State. Ramotu has shared her unique experiences on social media, where she recounted multiple visions of Jesus Christ. According to her, Jesus appeared to her in dreams, offering her salvation and guidance.

In her latest dream, Ramotu saw Jesus who asked her to pray for others. “He showed me some people and told me to pray for them, and they shall receive their blessings,” she wrote. Overwhelmed by these experiences, Ramotu is seeking advice as she feels confused but hopeful about her spiritual journey.


A Global Phenomenon

This phenomenon is not isolated to Nigeria. From Iran to China, and from Bangladesh to remote villages in India, similar stories of spiritual awakening are being reported. Many Muslims have reportedly turned to Christianity after experiencing dreams and visions that they believe are divine.

The conversions in Abuja are a part of what Christian leaders are describing as “the great harvest,” referring to a verse from the Bible: “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” This global movement highlights a significant moment of religious transformation and revival.

Calls for Support

Christian communities worldwide are encouraged to pray for those like Ramotu, who are navigating new spiritual paths. These stories of conversion and revival emphasize the profound impact of personal faith experiences in shaping individuals’ lives and beliefs.

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