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Muslim Imam Converts To Christianity: ‘I Heard The Voice of Jesus’



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My name is Muhammadu J.adu Bello. I am the firstborn of Shehu Ibrahima Bello Adua, the chief imam of Aduani Central mosque located at number 51 Osedi Road in Kano. I am a Fulani by tribe, and my mother is a Yoruba from Osogbo. By the grace of Allah, I am the acting Chief Imam of Adua Central Mosque and I believe I will become the next chief imam of the central mosque.

I used to hate Christians because I was taught from childhood that they changed the gospel of Jesus Christ. However, on Monday, about 3:45 a.m. in April 2019, during the 23rd day of Ramadan, I had an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. I was leading the people in prayer in the Jumani Central mosque in Makurdi. My uncle and two elders of the mosque, along with seven other members, were present.


As I was reading the first chapter of the Quran, a bright light appeared in the mosque. The light was brighter than the sun but did not bring heat. Instead, it was cold, and I could feel it on my feet even though the mosque was not equipped with air conditioning. In the brightness of the light, a voice spoke to me in Arabic, telling me to come out of the Islamic religion. The voice claimed to be Jesus and said that he wanted to save me and use me as a platform of glory to deliver my Muslim brothers from the darkness of Islam to the light of the gospel.

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I replied to the voice, saying that Islam was the right religion and that it was impossible for Jesus to be the way, the truth, and the light. The voice said it was a lie and that I should listen to him. I asked to see him, but the voice replied that I was not qualified to hear or see him. I argued that I was a righteous man who fasted every Friday and Monday, was a Sunni Muslim, did not fornicate, and gave part of my salary to the poor every month. The voice said he could see that I was dedicated and committed, which is why he wanted to save me.


I then asked the voice to tell me what I used to ask God when I prayed. To my amazement, he told me everything I had been saying to Almighty Allah for the past 10 years. I realized that only God could know the secret things in the hearts of men, yet this Jesus knew the secret things of my heart. I then believed that Jesus Christ is God and asked him to forgive me.

The voice said that unless I was born again, I could not see the kingdom of God. I argued that it was a lie and that I was literate both academically and Quranically. However, the voice told me to find out from the Christians what it meant to be born again.


After the encounter, I asked my uncle and the elders of the mosque if they had seen the bright light. They confirmed they had seen it but did not hear any sound. They told me that the voice I heard was a demon that wanted to stop me from becoming the chief imam of the central mosque, which was scheduled to happen soon.

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