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Dad Outraged After Seeing Note His 7-Year-Old Daughter Got From Teacher (Photos)



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A Colorado elementary school is standing by their decision to keep a teacher after he allegedly sent inappropriate notes to a 7-year-old girl.

Aurora Academy Charter School admits the note one of their teachers passed to a second grade student was inappropriate, Fox 31 reported.

The fourth grade teacher, whose name was not released, gave the second grand student the note during recess. It contained personal photos of himself sticking his tongue out and calling the student names like “stinky butt” and “crazy head.”

“Kind of of a peculiar letter from a teacher,” the student’s father, Cary Reed, told the news station. “As I read over the letter, it was concerning since it had the teacher’s face and he was using pet names to refer to her.


We felt it was inappropriate and grooming behaviors.”

Reed, who reportedly has some experience with law enforcement, said the note raised red flags. The following school day, his daughter received another note from the teacher.

The new note had more pictures, along with a poem asking for the girl’s “friendship.” It also stated, “You make me smile.” The student is not even in the teacher’s class.

“At that point, we felt like we needed to address it with the school,” Reed said.


The school promised to launch a full investigation. But after just one day, the school responded to Reed saying, “(The teacher) understands his behavior was inappropriate. He assures me it will not happen again.”

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Reed said that isn’t enough.

“Given the concerning nature of the situation we just wanted to school to be a little bit more proactive,” he said.

The Aurora Academy Charter School told the news station that the teacher is still employed with the school. They declined to discuss if any personnel action had been taken.


The parents issued a warning to other parents by writing a review of the school on Great Schools.

They wrote:

“The purpose of this review is to inform the current and future parent and students of the incident which occurred at Aurora Academy between a forth [sic] grade teacher on the playground and our second grade daughter. Our daughter was given inappropriate letters and poems, with personal pictures of the teacher. These were given to our child on two separate occasions within a week span, and became an immediate safety concern for our child and potentially others in the school.

“This incident was reported to and acknowledged by the principal of the school. We had ongoing conversations via email and phone, along with the Aurora School District. We also met with her along with the assistant principal and the teacher. We were assured proper disciplinary action was taken(teacher no longer allowed at voluntary lunch recess), however this did not suffice when it comes to the safety of our child and the remainder of the student body. The principle [sic] shared with us that she spoke to her lawyer and is satisfied with the findings and results of her brief overnight investigation. We also filed a report with the Aurora City Police Department to file a formal report and were not comfortable sending our daughter back to the school.

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“We are making the public aware of this so that other families have this as a review point prior to selecting this environment. Based on the ‘grooming’ content of the letter, it concerned us to the point of having to request all of our information be removed from their database. Education is a priority and emphasis within our family structure and it has been tainted by the above situation. The faculty and parents should be informed of the incident so that they are aware and attentive to these type of situations. Concerned Parent.”

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