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My Wife Kicked Me Out of the House Because of the Sudden Confession of My Director – Story of the Day



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My wife kicked me to the curb after I received an unexpected letter from the director. But that was not the worst thing

My name is Christopher, and I found the love of my life half a year ago. She is a 30-year-old woman with beauty as well as brains.

I am an average IT guy who works in a firm headed by a 30-year-old woman, and for the past three years, we’ve been working together on a large-scale project that demanded a lot from us intellectually and labor-wise

This project was supposed to continue for another year, and if successful, would give both our careers a significant boost. I could definitely use that because it would either mean promotion or perhaps even better offers.


I earned enough, of course, but at some point in the past, I realized it was no longer about the profit for me but what I can do for people to help them solve their issues — the technical ones anyways.

Just a few months ago, my director made a confession that detailed how she felt about me, and when I say detailed, it’s precisely what it was. She made this confession via a long email I received one Saturday night — she had been drinking.

To say it shocked me would be an understatement because I could never have expected that such a thing would happen to me in a million years. As far as I was concerned, this sort of thing was limited to soap operas.

In the email, my director revealed she had been infatuated or in love with me for most of the three years we’d been working together. Thinking back now, I admit that she might have left hints for me, but I always thought it was her way of being nice and considerate.

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After I read the email, I called my wife to my workspace, which was basically a room dedicated to all my tech work. It houses my computers and some amenities that made it possible for me to work while remaining in my comfort zone.

When she came about, I sat her down and told her about the interesting email I had just received from my boss.

“You’re fired?!” she guessed

Why would she even think that?


“Of course not,” I replied. “Check this out.”

She read the email but only laughed it off and returned to what she had been doing before I summoned her. After that, everything was fine for some time, but after one week, I started to notice that she avoided speaking to me.

I pulled out every trick in the book to find out why she was giving me the cold shoulder, but she always just said everything was fine.

One more week passed before she finally opened up, and when she did, I fervently wished I had not pushed to know. That day she called me Christopher, so I knew she was dead serious.


“You need to quit your job,” she said

I was so stunned I forgot my mouth had been hanging open, and when I recovered, I could not stop laughing, which in retrospect, was probably a terrible idea

That would wreck my career sweetcheeks,” I said light-heartedly.

It really was not an option I could consider. I’d prefer that the entire scenario never came up because my project, which has taken a lot of resources and time, hangs in the balance.

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I had no concerns about my director forcing the issue or letting it affect our work; we both knew the stakes. Besides, the email had seemed like a woman getting her feelings off her chest, which I can’t object to because I would do the same in her shoes.

Granted, I would have to put a lot of thought into how to proceed with the work dynamic but abandoning our project was not an option.

I tried to explain this to my wife, but she had already made up her mind, and boy, could she be stubborn. So another week passed, and my wife alternated between being irate and giving me the silent treatment. She also suggested several times that I should move out of the house to be with my director since I already spent a lot of time with her.

And today, when I decided to go home on my lunch break, I discovered the locks had been changed and my belongings out on the patio. My work number and cell number were blocked from her phone, so I could not reach her too. I returned to work in an angry haze. How could she do this?


She called me several days later after letting me stew and confessed she had been feeling extremely anxious each time I set out for the office, and it all overwhelmed her, making her take the drastic step. She also left me with an ultimatum.

Chris, you can return as soon as you quit your job,” she said.

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“That option is still off the table!” I nearly shouted.

After speaking to my family about the messy affair, I recalled that I owned the house from which I was evicted. So I started keeping tabs on the house, and as soon as she left for the store one afternoon, I got a locksmith to help me get in.


When she returned, she was livid seeing me in the living room. She yelled at me and asked that I leave the house until I turned in my resignation letter.

I told her that I had notified my family of what was happening, and they insisted on a divorce. I also told her I planned to go to court the next day to file for it, and that she had a couple of days to pack her things.

What can we learn from the story?

Trust is reciprocal. Christopher’s wife had no trust in him and was very worried about him indulging in the director’s seemingly open invitation. He trusted her not to overreact when he showed her the letter, but she refused to trust him to deal with it, and it ended their union.


When in doubt, call the family. Christopher sought out his family when things got too messy, and they set his head on straight for him, making him realize the house he got kicked out of was actually his. With their support, he opted to divorce her, effectively ending the drama.

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