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My husband Impregnated Our House Help. Now he Wants to Marry Her. What Do I do?- Woman Laments



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I need help urgently because I am losing my mind. I am a married woman and I have been married for thirteen years without a child. My husband and I have been together all these years and regardless of the pressure from his family, friends and colleagues at work, he has remained faithful to me. My husband has also refused to marry another woman against the wishes of the members of his family and friends. Everytime I spoke to him about our childlessness he was always understanding and very supportive. He would always tell me that God’s time was the best and we would have our own kids in due time.

I could prove to anyone any day that my husband loves me and it was so evident. He always called to check on me even while at work. He comes back home hurriedly after work and he would call on his way home to know if I needed anything so he could pick it up. We didn’t have kids but we were happy.

My husband and I have gone from one hospital to another to seek medical help yet no positive result. I work as a banker in one of the banks here in Nigeria. My rank has gone up over the years and because of this, I am always busy supervising various projects in the bank. Due to this, I do not have enough time to do certain things in the house. I only have weekends to clean and arrange the house but that is the only opportunity I have to spend quality time with my husband.

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This made us opt to get a house help. At least she would clean the house and cook while I spent good time with my husband. Besides, my husband didn’t want me to stress so it wasn’t a problem. We got the house help ending of last year and honestly she was well mannered and always kept the house clean.


She made life easier for me while I focused on the important things. I was nice to her and I ensured she lacks nothing but little did I know that my niceties were not enough to keep her off my husband. This girl is just a very small girl that I picked up from the village, she was young and naive and I enrolled her in school out of my nice nature. In March, I noticed certain changes in her body. After some time, I took her to the hospital and the doctor confirmed she was pregnant.

I was shocked because she was so young and she rarely went out. After much questioning, I found out that my husband was responsible for her pregnancy. It broke me. I could not withstand it. I sent her packing but my husband kicked against it. He made her stay and honestly, I have never felt that stupid and embarrassed all my life.

The man I married changed so fast that I could barely recognize him. We still shared rooms but we barely spoke. Everything changed. My life was gradually coming to an end. All I did was cry, pray and hope that things will change for good. I thought that that was the worst thing that could happen to me but I was mistaken.

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Two weeks ago when I came back from work tired and exhausted, my husband told me he was going to marry the house help. I have been a shadow of myself since then. I feel like I am going crazy and I don’t know what to do. I need help. Please tell me what to do. How do I save my marriage? I am gradually dying. I have nothing to hold onto, no children, now my husband is slipping through my fingers. Please help me out.

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  1. Kkd

    May 11, 2024 at 8:32 am

    Leave the marriage

  2. Anele

    May 11, 2024 at 10:24 am

    Let him marry her my sister, at least its someone you know than he would have impregnented a stranger, becouse if you try to stop him he’s not going to back of in his decision. Just to talk to your heart and accept it if you still love him, because I still believe he also loves you

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