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My Boyfriend Kicked Me out after Learning I’m Pregnant, 26 Years Later My Son Paid Him a Visit And The Unexpected Took Place



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Tina had always dreamed of a traditional white wedding, complete with all the bells and whistles. But when she eloped with her high school sweetheart Richard at the age of 18, it was far from the romantic ceremony she had imagined. Richard came from a wealthy family, but Tina was not interested in his money; she genuinely loved him and was excited to start their life together.

However, things took a turn for the worse when Tina discovered she was pregnant a few months into their marriage. Although they had never discussed having children, Tina was thrilled at the news and could not wait to tell Richard. But when she shared the news with him, he became agitated and angry. He accused her of betraying him and destroying their relationship.


Tina was shocked by Richard’s response, and she hoped that he would come around with time. But the next day, Richard came home drunk and kicked her out of their apartment, telling her never to return. When she tried to go back a few days later, she found that he had changed the locks. When she called Richard’s parents to explain what had happened, they accused her of cheating on their son and falling pregnant with another man’s child. It was clear to Tina that she and her unborn child were on their own.



Despite the difficulties she faced as a single mother, Tina was determined to provide for her son. Greg was born into a world where he was loved and cherished, even if his father was absent. Tina struggled to make ends meet, but Greg’s awareness of their troubles and eagerness to help lifted some of the burden from her. He started working as a caddy at the local golf club when he was just 15, and even though he worked hard, he never let it interfere with his studies.

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Greg graduated from high school with honors and started a business with the money he had saved from his job. He was determined to make something of himself and provide a better life for his mother. Tina was extremely proud of the man Greg was becoming, but she worried about the anger he harbored towards his father.



Every time Richard’s name came up in conversation, Tina could see the indignant glare in her son’s eyes. Greg never spoke much about his father, but she knew that the pain of his absence was still with him.

Years went by, and Greg’s business became quite successful. He was one of the most successful people under 30 in his city and had even hired his mother to work at one of his main offices. One day, Greg decided it was time to pay his old man a visit. He had been tracking Richard’s movements for a while but had never quite figured out when he would make his grand entrance.


As he sat in his car outside Richard’s house, his hand tightly clutching a baseball bat on the passenger seat, Greg was unsure of what he would do when he finally saw his father. He had nursed the pain of his father’s abandonment for so long that revenge was all he could think about.


But when he saw Richard walking out to take out the trash, frail and in rags, all the anger and pain he had been holding onto for so long suddenly dissipated. Greg realized just how far his search for revenge had taken him and how little it would achieve in the end. He realized that he had built a successful life for himself and his mother, and that was all that mattered.

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Greg decided not to approach his father that day. Instead, he drove away, feeling a sense of peace and closure that he had not felt before. He knew that he would never forget the pain his father had caused him and his mother, but he also knew that he was capable of moving forward and creating a better life for himself and his family.


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