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I Gave Him A Taste Of His Own Medicine And He Didn’t Smile



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I was unemployed for six months after my national service. It was frustrating but I channelled it into relentlessly applying for jobs. When I finally received a job offer, my joy knew no bounds. It didn’t matter to me that the job was in another town, and I would have to move away from home. I was fine with it, knowing that sooner or later, I would have to fly out of my parents’ nest.

While I was happy about the opportunity, I understood that I was a young girl, and the world is full of sharp-teethed predators who wouldn’t hesitate to take a bite out of me if I let my guard down. So I kept to myself after I relocated to the town my work is located in. I didn’t try to make friends or play nice with anyone. The only places I knew were my workplace and home. I met people who tried to pull me into the social scene of the town but I was determined to mind my business. Unbeknownst to me, someone was also minding my business.

He had spotted me and was looking for a way to get close to me but my countenance did not give him the courage to approach me. However, with time, he eventually did. We exchanged numbers and started talking from there. He was straightforward. He told me, “I like you. I have wanted to get close to you from the day I first saw you. Now that I have gotten to know you a little, I want more. I want you to be my girlfriend.” I liked how direct he was. I had also grown to like him so I thought, “Why not give him a chance?”

We became a couple in no time. Things between us moved very fast. It didn’t take long for us to have our first shuperu. It was very magical and gritty at the same time. Maybe it happened during the act or after the act, I am not sure. I can only say my feelings for him skyrocketed the day we did it. I loved everything about him. His size was just the way I liked it, and he was very smooth. He made me feel like we were starring in an adult movie. I kept asking myself, “How is it possible for one person to have all of these treasures?”

While I had fallen down flat in love with Boateng, he started pulling away from me. He would be online posting things on his status but refuse to reply to my messages. One day he posted a girl on his status. I asked him, “Who is she?” He read my message but he did not reply to it. This guy would ghost me for days, sometimes weeks, and come back acting as if nothing had happened.

I spoke to him repeatedly about his behaviour but he didn’t see anything wrong with it. One day, we scheduled a meeting but he never showed up. I sent him messages asking where he was but he never replied to them. I was hurt. I complained about it, but he did it again. The second time it happened I asked myself, “Why am I allowing this guy to treat me as if I was not loved as a child? I deserve better than this. I am done with him.” So gradually we evolved from lovers into strangers who watched each other’s status. Occasionally, he replied to some of the things I posted. I always read his comments but I never responded to them.

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When I realised that he was trying too hard to get my attention, I blocked him. I took care of myself and healed from all the hurt he inflicted on my heart. Months later, I was feeling better so I unblocked him. One night I posted something on my status and he replied to it. You know what they say about late-night conversations. They can easily steer the heart in the wrong direction. That’s what happened that night. He apologised for all the things he did in the past. “I should have listened to you when you told me about how much my actions were hurting you. Please, forgive me. Can we meet tomorrow after work to talk about our relationship?”

I knew it wasn’t going to be just a meeting to talk, so I groomed myself in all the right places. I applied everything I needed to apply to be ready for when things got heated. I think I was beginning to love the idea of ghosting each other and then coming back to have intense shuperu. Just as I predicted, we ended up at his place after that meeting. As usual, his magic wand did wonders to my body. After the act, he asked me to spend the night with him but I dressed up and asked him to drive me home. Usually, I would send him a message to ask if he got home safely, but this time around I wasn’t bothered.

He texted me when he got home but I ignored him. He did the same thing the next day and the days after. He seemed desperate to talk to me but nothing even pushed me to reply to any of his messages. He came over to my place but I didn’t go out to meet him. I looked through the window, saw him standing outside and texted him to go home. After that night, I reached out to him and we had another shuperu. This guy who was acting nonchalant at first, was now hopelessly professing his love for me. “Please, don’t ever leave me. I don’t know what I will do if I lose you.” I smiled and agreed with everything he said.

The next day, he came to my office to speak to me again. I wore a beautiful smile on my face and gave him a warm reception. I assured him that I wasn’t going to leave him. The moment he left and I got home, I ghosted him. Since then, it’s been messages upon messages. I see him in town and walk past him as if I haven’t seen his nakedness and moaned beneath him before.

I am completely done with him. I do not owe him

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any explanation for ghosting him, just as he felt he did not owe me any explanations when he ghosted me and stood me up. I cannot be an option. I’m sure there was another lady all those times he was ignoring my messages. Whether that was the case or not, I do not care. Recently, he offered me a ride home. It was late but I turned him down. Even in the dark, I could see the shock on his face.

There is a shop he sometimes sits in front of. I pass there every day. I’ve seen him there numerous times, but I always walk by him without saying hello. Sometimes, we meet in traffic and I ignore him. I know he can’t believe that I can do this to him. But it is what it is. We all have blood running through our veins. You don’t treat people like they don’t matter, and expect them to be nice to you when you are in the mood to be nice. You do not serve what you cannot eat.

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