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Mother Expresses Outrage After Another Parent Denies Her Daughter a Slice of Cake at Children’s Birthday Celebration: ‘That Act Is Shocking and Heartless’



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A mother named Kat Stickler felt really upset when her daughter, MK, was told she couldn’t have cake at a birthday party. Stickler shared what happened on Instagram and TikTok and asked her followers if they thought she had a right to be mad or if she was being entitled. People gave different opinions in the comments, with some parents understanding Stickler and others thinking she was just acting entitled.

Stickler told the story on social media about how her daughter was excluded from having cake at a birthday party in a park. She couldn’t believe that another mother would take away cake from a child when there was still a lot left. Stickler vented her frustration on Instagram and TikTok, saying she was going to criticize the other mother’s parenting. She admitted that she had never criticized other moms before, except for herself and her own mother. In her posts, Stickler looked really angry and upset about what happened.

A lot of people commented on Stickler’s posts, and they got over 45,000 likes on Instagram and 1.3 million likes on TikTok.

This is what happened at the kids’ birthday party: Stickler and her daughter were at the park in their neighborhood a couple of hours before she made the video. At that time, there was only Stickler, her daughter, and a group of kids celebrating a birthday. Stickler explained that her daughter played with the birthday group and made friends with them:

“It was just us and this birthday group. MK played with them for about thirty minutes. They were becoming friends.”

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Stickler stayed close to the birthday party while her daughter, MK, played with the other kids. When it was time to have cake and sing “Happy Birthday,” MK joined in. MK’s mom thought her daughter was part of the group and that they welcomed her. But things turned out differently. She described what happened:


No cake for me thanks, I’m full…of rage👹 ♬ original sound – Kat

“It was time to eat cake. I saw MK wanted a piece of cake, so I went over to check if it was okay, just as a formality, really.”

Stickler noticed there was a big cake with plenty of leftover pieces that her daughter could have had. But when MK tried to take a piece, the host took it away from her. MK’s mom shared:

“The other mom took the plate away from MK, got down to her level, and said, ‘You can’t have this cake, okay? This isn’t your birthday party. These aren’t your friends. Where’s your mom?’”


MK’s mom saw all this happening to her daughter, but she didn’t say what she did next or how her daughter felt.

When MK’s mom posted about her experience on Instagram with the caption “No cake for me, thanks. I’m full…of anger,” she asked people if they thought what happened was unfair or if she was being entitled. Stickler received different opinions in the comments on Instagram and TikTok, with some parents agreeing with her anger and others thinking she was just acting entitled.

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