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Man Goes to Work and Forgets Phone at Home, His Wife Took The Phone And Saw Something Shocking



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A man goes on a business trip and forgets his phone at home. His young wife hears it ring but when she answers she is shocked to discover she knows nothing about his past.

Jack Morel was one of those people who seem to live with their phones in their hands, always getting calls, answering urgent texts, sending e-mails. It was unthinkable that he would ever leave his phone behind but that is exactly what happened.

Jack was packing for a four-day last-minute business trip to Boston with his wife Charlotte’s help, and he was putting things in his bag while checking off a mental list. He packed his charger in the bag but left the phone itself on the bed…

Jack and Charlotte had been married for eight months and they were still getting used to each other’s little oddities. They had fallen in love at first sight, and after a three-week whirlwind courtship, said their ‘I do’s.’

Charlotte was a little upset that Jack had to rush off to the East Coast with no warning because she had been planning a very special surprise for..CONTINUE.READING.FULL.STORY.HERE…>>

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