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I Overslept in His Room, Then I Heard my Knocking On The Door What Happened Next Was a Surprised



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Estate agents didn’t like my father and here’s the reason. They would bring a lot of potential tenants to his house and he would reject all of them; “He speaks too fast.

He might have a bad temper.” “He is not married. A man his age will bring a lot of women around.” “Look at her long nails, I don’t think she can scrub the tiles very well. Tiles are expensive.”

Some time ago, he rejected a man because he was wearing a big hat—that hat women wear on sunny days to sell in the market. He said, “A man wearing this hat when there’s no sun can’t have his priorities right. No, he can’t rent my place.”

The lady whose room was directly opposite of mine got married and moved out of the house so my dad called his agent friends and told them to bring people. He was very specific that he didn’t like men to occupy that room. He didn’t give a reason but I knew the reason was…CONTINUE.READING.FULL.STORY.HERE…>>>>>>


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