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Muslim Family Members Accepted Jesus As Savior As Jesus Healed Their Mother Of Cancer



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A family named the Haneefs. They were a family torn by troubles and trials. Fatima, the youngest daughter, often found herself amidst the chaos of her father’s addiction, her brother’s struggles with alcohol and drugs, and her mother’s silent battle with breast cancer. Even Fatima had her own share of challenges, grappling with a stubborn skin condition.

One fateful day, a glimmer of hope emerged for the Haneef family. They decided to attend a special course on the Quran and the Bible in search of solace and guidance. Despite the hardships they faced, they embarked on this journey together, seeking answers and healing amidst the vast desert landscape.


As they delved into the teachings of the course, they encountered the stories of Jesus and the transformative power of the Holy Spirit. Though Fatima’s mother couldn’t join them due to her responsibilities with their sheep, she too experienced a miraculous healing from her cancer through the prayers of others.

Inspired by the teachings they received, profound changes began to unfold within the Haneef household. Fatima’s father and brother, moved by the message of hope and redemption, made the courageous decision to leave behind their destructive habits and embrace a life of faith and prayer. Together, they found solace and strength in the teachings of the Bible, their once troubled home now filled with the light of newfound faith.


Miracles soon followed, reaffirming their belief in the power of prayer and the guiding hand of Jesus. When illness struck Fatima, her father’s prayers in the name of Jesus brought about her swift recovery. And when they faced the loss of their sheep, a fervent prayer led to the safe return of their beloved flock.

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Through it all, Fatima found a deep and abiding connection to Jesus. In Him, she discovered a friend and confidant, someone she could turn to in times of joy and sorrow. Her heart overflowed with gratitude for the blessings in her life, knowing that they were a testament to Jesus’ love and grace.


And so, amidst the shifting sands of the Abu Dhabi desert, the Haneef family’s journey of faith and healing continued, guided by the unwavering belief that Jesus alone is God, and that all glory belongs to Him.

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