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IPOB Condemns killing of 6 Imo women, Destruction of Properties



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The Indigenous People of Biafra. IPOB yesterday condemned the killing of six women in Imo state and destruction of properties in the Southeast by those it called unknown gunmen allegedly being sponsored by selfish politicians.

Making the condemnation, the IPOB image Maker, Emma Powerful , said ” the atrocities are being witnessed more in the region where politicians are fighting themselves for selfish reasons.”

” We totally condemn the killing of six innocent women in Imo State by hired hoodlums as they shared rice presented by Hope Uzodinma. We condemn those who were behind the murdering of those women and we must fish out the perpetrators of this heinous crime against our mothers.

Our mothers were raped by these vampires created and sponsored by politicians in Imo State to terrorise our people and implicate IPOB and ESN members. Anybody who is involved in such heinous act must regret his or her wicked action. The perpetrators of this barbarity should be ready to reap the fruit of their labour”.


“IPOB has been pursuing the freedom for the people of former Eastern region and Midwestern regions since 9 years without involving in any act of criminality but some people in their desperation to blackmail IPOB and Nnamdi KANU, these dissidents and unfortunate people claiming they are working for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu emerged with their evil agenda and their emergence of these criminals has turned our region into a very dangerous situation because some unscrupulous politicians are behind and sponsoring them.”

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“We also condemn the numerous abductions, car snatching, raping and attacks on so many institutions in our land. We strongly condemn the recent attacks on Nnewi South Local Government Area, the burning of the country home of Ohaneze Ndigbo President, Professor George Obiozor in Awo mmamma Imo State and the attack on the palace of HRH Igwe Anayo Obika of Ezinfite Nnewi South.

Those behind these devilish acts will regret their actions. What these vampires did was sacrilege and IPOB volunteers, ESN and God Almighty Chukwu Okike Abiama will not allow them to go unpunished.”

“These vampires should know that they were born by women and have no rights whatsoever to take lives or lay hands on mothers and women.


The recent killing of our six mothers and women from Owerriebeiri Community in Orlu Local Government Area of Imo State will mark the end of those behind this wickedness. Their days are numbered.

The spirit and land of Biafra will hunt them down. We advise our people to be circumspect this political season as enemies of Biafra have schemed different ways of causing havoc in our land and blaming it on IPOB and Biafra agitators to further demonise us. Everybody should be wise and vigilant. IPOB doesn’t spill blood. Anybody staging attack anywhere has nothing to do with IPOB.”

“The insecurity and killing of our innocent citizens are unacceptable by IPOB worldwide and we must bring down those behind this devilish activities. We are urging the Governors and other politicians to join hands with IPOB under Mazi Nnamdi KANU to stop the unnecessary waste of lives in our region and stop the RISING waste of lives in our territory because it might turn against you tomorrow.

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Never think that you are free because if you continue sponsoring these criminals we will mention your name in the near future and IPOB will start pursuing you because many of you have sponsored the death of our people”.


“IPOB is not part of the unknown gunmen or those criminals suffering our peoplle. Stop sponsoring the untimely death of innocent folks”.

“We are aware that Fulani- controlled federal government of Nigeria paid them to demonise us. The entire world knows our methodology and our operational strategy. IPOB is a peaceful movement and will maintain discipline until Biafra is finally achieved.

The killing of our people must stop whether or not the criminals want it. IPOB is fighting to liberate our people from the bondage of Fulani terrorist nation called Nigeria.

IPOB has no business with unknown gunmen, and we will soon expose those behind the monster. We will expose those behind the killings in the whole land of Biafra in no distance future.


There is no hiding place for those behind these devilish activities thinking they will demonise IPOB and ESN members in the face of global world.”

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