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“If I Hear That Any Man Beats His Wife In This Church, That Man Is In Trouble” – David Ibiyeomie



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The presiding pastor of Salvation Ministries, Pastor David Ibiyeomie has warned the male members of the church never to beat their wives as he asked the church to inform him in case they hear of any and said “that man is in trouble”.

Amidst other things that people face in marriages is home violence which could be from a man or a woman. However, not much has been heard of a woman beating her husband when compared with a man beating his wife. Some churches teach that Christianity forbids divorce but try to teach a couple how to live together in peaceful harmony.

While teaching in the third service of the church on the topic, Wisdom For A Wonderful Family. The man of God said, “truth is better but makes life better. It is the applied truth that liberates”. It is not enough to hear, one should hear and apply the teaching to get the needed results.

He said the plan of God for us is to have a successful family and that for that to happen, one must desire and work it out as he said it is not a game of chance. “A successful family will not drop from the sky, it is consciously worked out”.


He read the book of Hebrews 3:4. “For every house is built by someman, but he that built all thingsisGod” and gave the following practical steps to help couples have wonderful families. Having a family altar (a place they can come together to pray morning and evening), go for their sizes and levels, plan their resources and avoid unnecessary spending, men should provide for the family and wives should support them.

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Speaking further on wonderful family, he said “no reasonable man fights or beats his wife” because it is a sign of an uncivilized person and that anyone who does is beating himself. He warned those men who do say, “I will show my wife that I am the husband and the man of the family” to go and look for their fellow men to fight or better still, they should join the Olympics to take part in kicked boxing. So that they will be rewarded for fighting. He said, “let me know if any man beat his wife.”

He equally addressed women never to hold their husbands by their clothes or point fingers at them saying it is a sign of disrespect.

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