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I Was Just A Child When My Cousins Started Doing It With Me Until



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According to my people, when a girl is the only child of her parents she is not allowed to get married. Custom demands that she lives in her parents’ house and reproduce to continue their lineage. I didn’t know about this until I was expected to uphold this tradition.

My father has other children, but I happen to be the only child he has with my mother. Which makes me the only child of my parents. I don’t know if they couldn’t have other children or they just chose not to. They had the means to cater for more children so they took in their siblings’ kids. All of these cousins of mine were boys.

The boys were mostly much older than me. As the only girl child among them, they took their curiosity about the female anatomy and sex out on me. What I am trying to say is, that they molested me. I was only six when it started. I didn’t understand what was going on. All I knew was, they forbade me from telling anyone.


At fourteen, I was addicted to being touched. If I didn’t get anyone to touch me, I would touch myself. At that age, I needed guidance but there was no one to turn to. My parents had started hammering it into my head, “You are our only child so you cannot marry. Your role in this family is to…CONTINUE.READING.FULL.STORY.HERE..>>>>>>

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