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I Met This Rich Guy And I Got Pregnant For Him, Thinking He Would Marry Me, But I Got the Unexpected- Lady Narrates



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Three years ago, Hellen met a rich guy. She quickly got pregnant for him to secure for herself a better future, and a place to lay head comfortably. Since she came to Lagos she has been squatting with different friends who have embarrassed and chased her out at every slight provocation. Little did she know that the man she got pregnant for was not interested in marrying her; he only wanted a fling with her. But she still held on to him, hoping that he would change his mind someday.

“He always said the only thing that joined us together was the baby. Aside that, he has nothing to do with me.

“I got pregnant when I was 21. I was squatting with my girlfriend and was not comfortable living with her. She was always threatening to send me packing at the slightest provocation.

Then all I had in mind was to look for a man to marry and end the problem of looking for where to stay. When I met this my baby father, I was so happy, I thought I had found my man. He is rich and has his own house. Then, whenever I had issues with my friend, he would ask me to come and stay with him. He was all caring and loving until I got pregnant.


“He said I wanted to hang another man’s pregnancy on his neck. He never believed me when I said he was the father of my child. He told me he was not responsible. He even asked me to abort it.

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“But because I wanted him to marry me, I refused to abort the child. From the moment he saw that my stomach was getting bigger, he asked me to stop coming to his house. I had to move from one friend’s place to another till I gave birth. Then his mother came and told me they will take the child away from me so that I can fend for myself. I told him if he didn’t want me then he should forget about my child. This was after he did DNA test on the child to confirm he was the father.

“It’s three years now; he doesn’t care about me or the child. He hardly gives me money. And whenever he sees me with another man, he gets angry.

“I don’t know what he really wants. I still love him and am holding on, believing he would change his mind one day.


“My friends wonder why my baby father would be so rich and I would be suffering with my daughter. As I write, I am living with a friend and her family. I have begged him to rent an apartment for us, he would only promise to do so, but he never did.

“I believe it’s his mother that is turning him against me, because all his mother wanted was to carry my baby. She doesn’t want his son to marry me.

“I have been surviving with my daughter through bailouts from friends and with my meager salary of #20,000. Some of the guys I hanged out with are same people helping me. Despite the fact that he doesn’t care about me, he doesn’t even care if my daughter attended school, he still gets angry with me because I go out with them.

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“I have gotten a better job offer outside Lagos, with accommodation, but I am afraid of taking any step. Should I continue to hold on to him?”


Dear Hellen, move on with your life. You were only desperate to marry, you never took time to know if this man wanted the same thing. You see, desperation only puts fear in you and fear and love are completely opposites. From the look of things, this man probably was merely catching cruise with you and you were seriously bonding with him.

It is good you have your baby, you have to braze up and do all you can to take care of her, and be a good mother. If the job offer is real, go for it. Moving to a new location, out of his prying eyes, will even help you get your life together faster.

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