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A Few Years after Father Kicked Her Out, Girl Sees Him Homeless and Begging on the Street And The Unexpected Happened



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A man kicks his daughter out of the house only to meet her years later as a helpless, homeless beggar.

It was a cold wintry evening, and Lara was sitting in front of her mother’s grave, crying bitterly, cursing her tragic life. Just a few years ago, her mother, Roselyn, passed away due to a heart attack, leaving her and her father Ellis alone.

Lara, who was only ten years old at the time, was heartbroken as she saw her mother being dressed in a beautiful gown and placed in a coffin to be buried beneath the earth. But it didn’t take Ellis long to get over his wife’s death and bring a new woman named Shelly into his home and Lara’s life.

As time passed, Lara noticed Shelly becoming a permanent fixture in their lives and their house too. She pretended to be a sweet and kind woman at first, but that all changed when the marriage contract was signed. And Ellis, who had been considerate to his daughter if not a loving father, now cared only about himself and his new wife.


When Lara turned 16, Shelly announced she was pregnant. Ellis was over the moon, to say the least, and Lara was happy too, but reflecting on the events of the previous 6 years, where all she’d heard from Shelly was how she was a burden on her father, Lara was concerned about what would happen to her once the child was born.

I’m sure dad will stop caring for me completely. His focus will now be solely on the baby and Shelly. Ahh… Mom, I wish you were here! I’m terrified of what’s going to happen next, she pondered sadly.

Who knew her worst nightmares would come true so soon?

As Lara returned home after visiting her mother that evening, she overheard her father talking to Shelly. “You can’t do that, Shelly! Lara’s my child too. I can’t just tell her to move out of the house!”


“But honey,” Shelly insisted, “try to understand. You know we’ll need more space once the baby arrives. Plus, Shelly is already 16 years old! She needs to learn to be independent. We can’t keep providing for her for the rest of her life!”

“You’re right about that, honey,” Ellis said. “But she’s still a child to me, and I’m worried about her. I’m not sure it’s safe to send her out like that.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that, honey,” Shelly said, overjoyed that she had persuaded Ellis to move Lara out of the house. “I spoke with one of my friends, and she knows a nice place. The rent won’t be too high, and we’ll be able to relocate Lara there.”

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“All right, honey. Let’s talk about it with her one day. But I hope Lara doesn’t take it the wrong way.”


“Sure,” Shelly said, silently pleased with her plan’s success.

But Lara overheard everything and she couldn’t hold back her tears when she stormed into their room right then. “Have you lost it, dad? Can’t you see what your wife is trying to do?” she yelled at her father.

“Lara, what’s wrong?” her father asked, dumbfounded. “Why are you crying?”

“I’m crying because of Shelly, dad! This lady is pathetic! This woman is trying to separate us. I HATE HER. I HOPE SHE DIES!”


“Lara!” yelled her father. “Watch your mouth! She’s your mom!”

“No way, Dad!” Lara retorted. “She’s a homewrecker, attempting to separate us. She can never be my mother. I HATE HER! I HATE HER MORE THAN ANYTHING!”

“See, this is why I told you we needed to get her out of the house,” Shelly interjected, teary-eyed and pretending to be innocent. “She’ll never learn to accept others if she stays with us. I had no idea I had hurt you so much, honey,” she continued, turning to Lara and placing her hand on her shoulder.

But Lara pushed her hand away and began yelling at her. “Don’t you dare touch me! I know what you’re up to! You can fool Dad but not me, understand?”


“Okay, enough, Lara!” her father said. “If you want to act like that, get the hell out of this house. I don’t want to see you here!”

“Dad?! Are you out of your mind? Are you throwing me out of the house because of this woman?!”

“Yes, Lara! I am asking you to leave! Shelly was right. I should’ve sent you out sooner. Just get out of my sight!”

Lara’s heart sank as her father ordered her to leave. She packed her clothes, teary-eyed, took some money she’d saved, and left the house.


That night she rented a cheap motel and slept there instead of going to a friend’s house because she was embarrassed about the whole situation. But after the money ran out, she slept in parks, a few times in the alleys, and then under the city bridge where nobody would bother her.

She also stopped going to school and began begging at crosswalks and outside stores, hoping that some kind soul would offer her money so that she could eat at least one meal.

However, one day, when she was sitting outside a bakery, begging for alms, her best friend’s mother, Mrs. Stanley, spotted her. “Honey, what are you doing here?” she asked, concerned for Lara’s ragged clothes and frail appearance.

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“Oh, Mrs. Stanley,” Lara sobbed when she saw her. “Where do I even begin?”


“It’s all right, honey. Calm down and come with me.” The kind lady took Lara to her home, washed her, and fed her. Then Lara told her the entire story, including how her father threw her out of the house.

Mrs. Stanley felt terrible for Lara and allowed her to stay at her house as long as she wanted. She also told her daughter Sarah not to tell anyone about Lara’s condition because the poor girl was already traumatized by what had happened in her life. All thanks to Mrs. Stanley, Lara’s life took a turn for the better from that day on.

A few days later, Mrs. Stanley and her husband enrolled Lara at a different high school and paid her fees. When the young lady graduated from high school, she applied for scholarships and was awarded one at New York University.

Like proud parents and guardians, Mrs. Stanley and her husband provided financial assistance to Sarah and Lara, and neither of the girls let them down. By the end of her senior year, Sarah had an excellent job with a nice package, whereas Lara not only had a good job but also graduated magna cum laude from her prestigious university.


Lara was happy with the course her life was taking, but she did miss her father on several occasions. She put aside her anger and called him one day while she was at the university, but he didn’t respond. She even dropped him several emails, but none of them were answered. Thinking her father didn’t care for her at all, Lara decided she’d never call him again. But fate had different plans.

One evening when she was returning from work, she threw several dollar bills at a homeless man sitting on a street in a semi-torn black jacket, begging for alms.

“Thank you, young lady,” he spoke in a trembling voice at the sight of the money. Lara stopped in her tracks when she heard the voice. Wait, that can’t be! Is that…

“Excuse me, can you please repeat what you just said?” she asked, returning to him.


This time the man looked up at her. Lara’s eyes welled up when she noticed tha the man sitting in ragged clothes was her father. “Dad, what happened to you?”

“Lara! Is that really you, honey?” He burst into tears. “I’m sorry for what I did, honey! I shouldn’t have asked you to leave. You were right about Shelly!”

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“We’ll talk about that later, dad. Please get up from here and come with me.”

Lara took her father to a nearby cafe, fed him, and gave her jacket to him. Ellis’ eyes welled up at his daughter’s generosity. He apologized to her for what he’d done and told her the whole story.


It turns out Shelly tricked Ellis into transferring all his money and wealth to her name and kicked him out of the house. And not just that, but she also brought another man into the house who turned out to be Shelly’s child’s father.

She had been cheating on Ellis for a long time, but when she found out she was pregnant with her lover’s child, she decided to cut Ellis out of her life after stealing all of his money. Lara was a major stumbling block in her path, so she got rid of her first and then of Ellis.

“I tried to find you, honey, but you know how distant we’d become when Shelly came into our lives. I didn’t even know who your friends were. I’m sorry!” Ellis admitted, embarrassed.

“But I sent you so many emails, dad! Why didn’t you respond?”


“She took charge of everything, honey. My emails, my bank accounts, everything! I didn’t even know you sent me emails. You know the small store we had, right? She sold that too, and I was literally jobless and homeless after that. I didn’t know what to do! I worked part-time jobs for a while, but when my health started deteriorating, I stopped and just accepted my fate.”

“It’s okay, dad. I’m here; you don’t need to worry.”

That night, Lara took her dad home. They started living together, and Lara provided for both of them. Later, with the help of one of her lawyer friends, she hired a private investigator, tracked down Shelly’s whereabouts, and sued her.

Ellis got his home back with his daughter’s help, and he transferred it to her name. He also paid a visit to the Stanleys and thanked them for caring for his daughter. The Stanleys were glad that Lara’s father realized his mistake and reconciled with his daughter.


What can we learn from this story?

Karma is unavoidable. Ellis kicked Lara out of the house and later became homeless himself.

Learn to be kind; it costs nothing. Mrs. Stanley helped Lara without expecting anything in return. All of us should try to be like her.

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