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Bum Returns Suitcase Full of Money He Found at Station, but Owner Slams Door in His Face – Story of the Day



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Ryan was a homeless man who discovered a suitcase full of money at the bus station one day. He saw the owner’s address inside, so he decided to do the right thing and return it. But Ryan never imagined who would open the door or what she did next.

Ryan lived on the streets of Atlanta, Georgia. He grew up in the city and had an excellent job once. But he became addicted to gambling and a few illicit substances, which cost him everything he owned.

Ryan’s parents had passed years earlier, so he had no other family and soon became homeless. Every once in a while, he found valuable things he traded for a few bucks or food. But one day, Ryan was at the bus station and saw an abandoned old suitcase.

People walked around, ignoring the suitcase, but Ryan waited to see if anyone came back looking for it. After a few hours, he decided to take it to the shelter, where he stayed some nights. He opened it away from other people and was shocked by its contents. There was a manila folder on top of stacks of money.


Ryan couldn’t believe that someone carried around so much cash and forgot about it at the bus station. But when he looked at the documents, he saw that this belonged to someone named Pamela Leslie.

The documents also contained an address. This money could really change my life, but she probably needs it for something, he thought.

The following day, he walked to the address, which wasn’t that far from the shelter. It led him to a nice neighborhood, where he felt out of place. I hope this will be quick, he mused. Ryan knocked on the door, and a woman around his age greeted him. She frowned at him and spoke up.

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“Can I help you?” she asked. But Ryan was shocked. It was Pamela, his first love. He didn’t recognize her last name because it was initially Nielsen. She hadn’t aged a day since high school, while he looked like a complete mess.


“Pamela!” he exclaimed dreamily.

“Do I know you?” she sneered at him.

“It’s me, Ryan! From Grove High School! Remember? We went to prom together!” he explained.

Pamela’s eyes widened a tiny bit, but she didn’t want to acknowledge the homeless man on her front porch. “Ok, if you say so,” she snapped. “What are you doing here anyway? Do I have to call the cops?”


Ryan was hurt by her tone but understood her. He was embarrassed to be seen in his disheveled state. He had been her handsome date to prom long ago, but he was homeless and needy now.

“Ah, well, yes. I found this suitcase. I looked inside and saw your name and address, so I brought it here,” Ryan finally explained.

Pamela grabbed the suitcase hastily as if he was going to steal it. “So you stole my suitcase at the bus station when I wasn’t looking?” Pamela accused.

“NO! I swear I didn’t steal it! The suitcase was sitting at the bus station for hours. I was begging for money there, and no one claimed it, so I took it. But once I saw your name, I decided to return it. You can count the money. Everything is there,” Ryan vowed.


“Fine. You can leave now,” Pamela replied and slammed the door in his face.

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Ryan couldn’t believe that his biggest high school crush had become such a heartless woman. He was in such shock that he couldn’t move for a while.

Meanwhile, Pamela brought the suitcase to her living room and examined the contents. Just then, her husband, Matthew Leslie, appeared.

“Honey, you found the suitcase!” he exclaimed happily. They had inherited the money from a relative who hated banks, hence, all the cash. Matthew wanted to use it to pay off their house.


“Ah, yes, someone brought it,” Pamela answered dismissively.


“A bum I went to high school with. God! I had horrible taste in men,” she replied.

“Oh, well. Life happens. Did you offer him a reward or some hot chocolate at least for doing this favor?” Matthew questioned.


“No, why would I do that? Are you crazy?” Pamela argued.

“Pamela! Come on! It was a nice gesture. That means this person is good at heart,” Matthew said and rushed to the front door. Pamela followed him, thinking he was truly crazy.

When Matthew opened the door, Ryan was still within his view walking away.

“Hello!” he called out and Ryan turned at the sound of his voice.”I’m Matthew Leslie, Pamela’s husband. Please, come in!”


Ryan didn’t know what to do at first but he stepped back and walked towards the Leslies’ doorstep.

“I can’t thank you enough for bringing that money home,” Matthew told him as he arrived at their door.

“Thank you. It was no trouble, really. I told Pamela that I didn’t take anything,” he explained, stepping into their home.

“Well, not to worry. Let me make you some breakfast and hot chocolate. I’m sorry that Pamela didn’t offer you something earlier. She has been so stressed about the suitcase since yesterday,” Matthew excused his wife.

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Pamela looked annoyed, but they went to the kitchen where her husband cooked them all breakfast. He asked Ryan about his life, and it slowly turned into a pleasant conversation for everyone.

Ryan was about to leave when Matthew offered him several hundred dollars. “Oh, no. I can’t accept,” Ryan mumbled.

“Please, take it. This money was important to us, but we can spare a little so that you can have a few nights of sleep at a decent place,” Matthew insisted, grabbing his hand and giving him the money.

“Well, thank you so much. Have a nice day,” Ryan said and started to walk away when Matthew called him.


“Hey, man. Do you want a job? It’s not the best pay, but I work for a construction company. I could put a word in and get you a job,” he offered. Ryan agreed immediately.

A few months later, he was back on his feet with a brand new haircut and renting his first apartment in years. Ryan also knew that it was all because he had returned the money like a good citizen. There’s something to say about good karma, he thought.

What can we learn from this story?

Be a good citizen. A decent person wouldn’t take the money for themselves even in their most vulnerable situation.


If someone does something nice for you, be grateful. Pamela was horrible to Ryan, but her husband was kind and paid him back for the huge favor he did for them.

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