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9-Month-Old Baby Becomes Confused, Can’t Tell Who Her Real Father Is When She His Twins, Video Stirs Reactions (Video)



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A short funny TikTok video has shown the moment a baby could not pick her father from his twins.

The cute child kept moving in the arms of both in confusion of wanting to be carried by her real dad.

Social media users who watched the video narrated the same experience they had at seeing their fathers’ twins
A video shared by Pubity on TikTok has shown the moment a nine-month-old child could not recongise her father.

In the clip, the baby was really confused and could not pick him apart from his twin. Whenever one of the twins carried her, she would go back to the other way.


If only she could speak, the child would have have voiced out at her frustration at seeing two people that look exactly like her dad.

The way the men dressed also never helped issue as they both hard dark sun shade on.

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