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Salesman Humiliates and Tricks Blind Man at Elite Store, Karma Pays Him Back — Story of the Day



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A salesman at an elite store humiliated a blind man who had visited the store to buy a suit for his father’s anniversary and then threw him out. But karma caught up with the arrogant salesman soon, and he regretted ridiculing the blind man.

Edward went to the suit store in search of a tuxedo, but just as he was about to walk in, he heard a voice instructing him to stop. “Hey, what are you doing? Stop right there!” the salesman, Josh, snarled.

Edward paused for a while. “Umm… I’m sorry, but this is the Tuxedo store, right?” he inquired.

Josh gave Edward a strange look. “Yes, it is, but we don’t want you to scare our customers. So I’m afraid you’re not allowed here!”


Edward was perplexed. “But why am I not allowed here? What’s wrong?”

Josh sighed and rolled his eyes. “Okay, dude, listen! I can’t let you in the store with a cane! We have a very expensive floor, and you’re going to scratch it.”

“But I can’t walk without my cane!” Edward explained.

“Well, that’s your problem. We can’t change the rules for a disabled person. So if you’re having trouble, why don’t you go to another store?” Josh replied rudely. He had thought that if he didn’t allow Edward to enter the store with a cane, he would look for another store. But to his surprise, Edward agreed to leave his cane at the front desk.


“Fine. I won’t take my cane inside,” Edward declared.

Josh sighed and escorted Edward inside the store. He introduced Edward to the sales assistant, Matt, and instructed Matt to get rid of Edward soon. “See, all you have to do is show that blind dude around the store for a few minutes and then get rid of him,” he explained to Matt. “Make sure that normal people don’t see him, okay?”

Matt nodded and walked over to Edward. “So, what would you like to see?” he asked Edward reluctantly.

“Well, Matt, it’s my dad’s anniversary soon. So, I need a good suit to wear to the event.” Edward replied.


“I’m sorry, but we don’t have a matching suit,” Matt replied instantly.

“Well, in that case, I guess I’ll just pick out something I like,” Edward said. But just as he was about to pick out a jacket, Matt stopped him. “Hey, stop! It’s an expensive fabric. You can’t touch it with your dirty hands!”

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“But I can’t pick out a suit if I…”

Before Edward could finish, Matt cut him off. “Look, you just came in off the street. You might have your hands dirty! You can’t just touch things like that! We have a store for people who can see!”


“Oh, okay,” Edward said in a low voice. “May I wash my hands then?”

“No, you can’t because we don’t have a restroom,” Matt quickly responded.

At this point, Edward lost his cool. “Then what am I supposed to do?”

“I don’t know, and I don’t care either,” Matt exclaimed angrily.


Edward tried to calm himself down. “See, I assure you that I’m no different from any of your other customers

Our customers are not ordinary people!” Matt almost yelled at Edward. “This is an elite store. And I doubt a blind man’s allowance would be sufficient to purchase anything in this store.”

“Well, for your information, I am a journalist!” Edward replied, his voice louder than the previous time. “And I get paid well — well enough to afford the suits from your store!”

“Oh really?” Matt asked in a mocking tone. “And how do you write? In Braille?”


Edward was stunned. “I can’t believe this! How can you be so rude to your customers? Call the manager now! I don’t want to talk to rude employees like you!”

Matt gave a stern glance to Edward. “He’s having lunch, and I’m sure he won’t want to deal with customers like you. So get out of here!”

Edward took a deep breath and reached for his back pocket. He pulled out his wallet and showed it to Matt. “Do you see all that money there? Do you still think I can’t afford a suit at your store?” he yelled at Matt.

When Matt and Josh saw Edward’s wallet loaded with cash, their eyes lit up. They decided to trick Edward into buying a cheap suit and asking him for twice the amount. Since Edward was blind, he would never know about it.

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“Oh, I’m so sorry, Sir. I guess there’s been some misunderstanding. I apologize for Matt’s behavior. Please follow me. I will show the best suits we’ve got,” Josh said.

Matt and Josh took Edward to the section where second-hand clothes were kept and tricked him into buying a cheap coat. Edward could sense that the material wasn’t good when he touched it, but Josh assured him that the coat was made of gilded fabric, and Edward believed him. But that wasn’t the end of it.

Josh also convinced Edward to purchase a pair of pants that were completely inappropriate for the coat. Matt and Josh were having the time of their lives deceiving Edward, getting money off of him, and getting him to buy ridiculous clothing.

When Edward was finally done trying the clothes and was about to make the payment, the store manager, Mr. Carter, walked in. He realized Edward was blind when he looked at him, and he, just like his employees, tried to take advantage of Edward’s impairment.


He pulled Matt and Josh to the side and asked him to give him 50 percent of the money they made from selling everything to Edward. Josh was hesitant to accept the offer at first, claiming he wanted to split the money equally, but Mr. Carter threatened to fire him if he didn’t, so Josh agreed. Now, all of them were waiting for the moment when Edward would finally make the payment.

A few minutes later, Edward approached the counter and took out his wallet. “I can’t believe you guys helped me so much. Thank you. But Matt and Josh, are you sure that suit looks fine on me?” he inquired.

“Yes, Sir. You looked fabulous!” Josh answered, ecstatic about the money they were about to get.

“I see. Can you just repeat that?” Edward asked.


Josh’s expression changed. “I’m sorry, but I didn’t get you, Sir.”

Edward stepped forward and removed his glasses. “Look right into my eyes and repeat what you said!” he yelled at the top of his voice

Josh and Matt were taken aback. “You’re not blind?!” Josh mumbled.

“Well, now that you’re aware of that, I assume you’re aware of this individual as well.” Edward took out his phone and showed his dad’s picture

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Edward’s father was actually blind, and he had come to this store for his anniversary party last week. He wanted to buy a suit, but these salesmen duped him into purchasing one that was cheap and looked terrible. When Edward’s father wore it to the event, everyone laughed at him. Edward had decided that day to teach these people a hard lesson.

“I’m guessing that’s your father,” Mr. Carter replied in a low voice.

“Well, I’m glad you recognized him. So, how are you going to make up for what you guys did?” Edward asked angrily.

Matt smirked. “We don’t need to make it up to you. You’re just a blind man’s son. What can you even do?” he said and pushed Edward out of the store, onto the floor. “Just get lost and don’t show your face again. Also, tell your blind father not to come here ever again.”


Edward got up from the ground and started laughing. “You guys are seriously stupid. I mean, how can your memory be like that of a goldfish?” he smiled and said.

“Why are you smiling now? Do you want to be humiliated even more?” Matt responded angrily.

Edward smirked. “Don’t forget that I’m a journalist. I will write about your store everywhere and on every website. So, it’ll be better if you guys start looking for new jobs. But wait, you can’t because after you guys get FAMOUS, nobody will hire you.”

Matt clenched his fist and glared aggressively at Edward. “This moron…”


“Well, save your energy for later, Matt. You and your colleagues will face a hard time soon,” Edward stated as he walked away.

One month later, the store closed down after suffering severe sales losses. As Edward had promised, he wrote about the employees’ rude behavior everywhere and released a video which he had covertly captured as proof.

What can we learn from this story?

  • If you do wrong to others, you’ll be punished for it sooner or later.
  • Life is a circle. What goes around comes around.
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