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My Husband Brought Home Another Woman When I Gained Weight after Giving Birth – Story of the Day



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My husband brought another woman home because I didn’t seem attractive to him after giving birth. But life taught him a harsh lesson, and he quickly came to regret his actions.

I used to work for one of the city’s most prestigious accounting firms, but after Eric was born, I chose to leave my job and take the role of a homemaker.

While I didn’t mind working as a housewife, my husband Josh saw it as an opportunity to demean me. And very soon, he started taking me for granted.

“Oh, God, Clara, just look at yourself!” he told me one day when he returned from work. “Don’t you think you should at least make an effort to look presentable? I mean, losing a few pounds won’t do any harm to you!”


I was stunned. “Wow, Josh! I had never expected you’d say something like this! Wasn’t I the prettiest woman in the world just a few years back?”

Josh sighed and rolled his eyes. “Well, darling, I doubt I can say that. Anyway, I want you to meet someone,” he told me

When I turned around, I noticed a beautiful woman entering the house. She appeared to be in her late twenties, and she was dressed in a pricey Gucci outfit that made her look stunning.

“Nice to meet you, Mrs. Mathews!” the woman said. “My name is Lisa, and I’m going to stay with you beginning today!”


I looked at Josh, perplexed. “Who is she, Josh? Don’t tell me I have to look after the house and even your colleagues now!”

Josh smirked. “She’s my girlfriend, Clara. I am done staying with a person who’s just interested in the kitchen dirt and looks fat as hell after pregnancy. So I hope that explains it!”

I was taken aback. “What did you say just now? I’m FAT and DIRTY, so you found another woman? Josh, you’re married, you have a son, and you have the audacity to say all of this?!”

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“I don’t care what you think, Clara,” Josh continued. “I abhor your appearance, especially how obese you are, so I found someone who’s up to my standards—affluent, slim, and gorgeous,” he finished.


I was shattered that day. I couldn’t believe my husband had brought another woman home because I didn’t seem attractive enough to him after giving birth.

I wanted to move out with Eric, but because I was raised in an orphanage and didn’t have any money, I didn’t know what to do or where to go. Living under the same roof with my husband’s mistress was equally challenging, but I didn’t have any other option.

However, I decided that I would get myself out of the mess soon. So, only a week after everything happened, I began applying for jobs. And after being rejected by multiple firms, one company eventually agreed to hire me after a month.

I thought if I saved enough money, I could start a new life with my son. But Lisa tried her best to trouble me while I was having a hard time working and looking after the house.


She often played loud music while I was working, and when I’d ask her to turn it down, she’d just ignore me and walk away. And sometimes, she’d intentionally bother Eric to distract me from work.

Tired of the constant problems, I complained to Josh about Liza, but he turned a deaf ear to me and lashed out, accusing me of being jealous of her.

Yes, it was tough for me, but I was trying my best to give Eric a better life. I didn’t want him to miss out on anything. Sadly, no matter how hard I tried, Lisa and Josh had decided that they wouldn’t let me live peacefully.

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One night, when I was studying for my company exam, Lisa and Josh decided to throw a party. They were listening to loud music and kept conversing loudly. But things didn’t end there. The worst part was they overloaded the power line, and the power went out at some point.


I was on the verge of despair. But when I thought about Eric, I somehow reenergized myself and continued studying on my phone. Thankfully, I passed the test, but after that day, I was even more determined to do anything to move out of Josh’s house.

I worked myself ragged and slowly began receiving rewards little by little. Within four months, I was promoted, and in six, I lost weight. In fact, I bounced back to my pre-maternity weight. Another couple of months in this mode and I would be able to start a new life with my son, I thought to myself.

But it turned out that Josh was against it. When I told him I’d be moving out, he threatened to take Eric away from me. He said he would fight me in court to gain Eric’s custody because he had everything: money, a good reputation, and a new full-fledged family.

I was so disappointed that I even decided to run away with Eric. But thank God, sometimes there is fairness in life.


Although Josh gave Lisa money and gifts, it was never enough for her. Her demands just kept increasing every month. And one day, it cost Josh more than he could have expected.

“I’m sorry, Clara,” Josh told me when he returned from work that day. “I shouldn’t have left you for Lisa!”

I looked at him, confused. “Are you okay, Josh?”

“I’m not, Clara,” Josh continued. “I was fired because in the last few months of work, I started engaging in fraud to continue gifting Lisa.”

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I almost lost my temper. “Well, then, you should go tell her about it because she’s the root of all your problems!

“There’s no point,” Josh continued after a pause. “She won’t come back. She called me today and said she’s leaving me because I no longer have a job. Please forgive me.”

Yes, Josh was a cheater, and I didn’t care about him, but after seeing his situation, I decided to stay with him until he found a job and got back on his feet. Sadly, he was just not the right person to trust again. He soon began asking me for money and then squandering it on alcohol.

However, one day, instead of spending the money on himself, he gifted me with a large bunch of flowers and tried to convince me to start a new life with him and stay with him forever.


But I was no fool. I knew my so-called husband was an opportunist. After all, where else could he get money while staying at home and doing nothing?

So that day, when Josh went out, I packed all of my belongings and left. I left a note for him, though, telling him that I didn’t want to waste my life with him.

I’m glad I made that decision. My son and I are very happy now.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Learn to say no to toxic relationships. I took a stand and decided to leave Josh.
  • Don’t take someone for granted. After everything he did, Josh hoped that by simply luring me in with flowers, he could persuade me to stay with him. He was wrong.
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