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I Met Him On Facebook And He Gave Me a Pant To Wear For 7 Days , What Happened To Me Next Was Horrible



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He reached out to me on Facebook and I ignored him. Later that day, he sent a lengthy text explaining why he was reaching out to me. His reason was friendship. When someone who’s a friend on Facebook asks for another form of friendship, it usually doesn’t end well so I ignored his explanation.

I thought ignoring him will make him stop but because he’s the most persistent guy who ever lived, he kept sending me messages upon messages telling me he wasn’t a bad person and that he could prove it with a certificate from his pastor. It was his humour in the middle of rejection that made me respond to him. I said, “We are already friends here so I don’t understand this new friendship you want with me.” 

He told me, “I understand friendship on a deeper level than what Facebook provides. I want this kind of friendship where we can talk to each other like we are doing now. Life is not all about reacting to posts and sharing one’s posts because you like them. There’s more and that more is what I seek.” 


He had my attention. We talked every once in a while. Through the talk, I got to know he lived in Accra. I told him I’d completed school and waiting to be posted. Piece by piece we shared the stories of our lives until there was nothing to share so the conversation between us slowed. When the service postings came, I was posted to Accra. I didn’t know Accra that much and didn’t even know the place I’d been posted to so I called him and asked if he knew the place. He told me..CONTINUE.READING.FULL.STORY.HERE.>>>>>>>>>

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