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I Just Met This Guy, He Took Me To a Hotel When We Got There, What He Did Left Me Outraged



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I walked into an eatery one afternoon to order takeout. While I waited for my food I kept busy with my phone. A man walked up to me with determination on his face. He smiled and said “Hello my name is Victor. I have been trying to get your attention from my table over there (he points to a far-off table).

You didn’t even blink in my direction.” I looked at him and said “Sorry I’ve been engrossed with my phone.” He said “I can see that. I suppose that’s how to get your attention, through your phone. Can you give me your number then?” I didn’t mind giving him my number so I gave it to him. He didn’t believe the number was correct. He dialed it right in front of me just to be sure. When it went through, he looked satisfied. We talked briefly about ourselves before I left the restaurant that day.

The next day we texted. In our conversation, he asked, “Are you willing to marry a man who is 12 years older than you?” Our age had come up in our introduction. I replied, “Age doesn’t matter to me as long as I like the person.” He took that as an encouragement to make his move. He asked me out and I agreed to meet him the next day. I have some rules when it comes to going out on dates and I wasn’t going to break them on his account.


I texted him “Please take note that I will not stay out past 8:00 PM”. He said he was fine with it. The next day we met at the eatery we first met. We spent a short time there and then decided to head to a nearby bar for drinks. He wanted us to take his car to the bar but I said “It’s just a short distance, let’s walk.” I was scared to be…CONTINUE.READING.FULL.HERE.>>

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