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How I Made My Husband To Start Washing Plates And Cooking At Home While I Watch



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It took me only a weekend to decide that I want to marry him. We had dated for eight months and he had proposed marriage twice within the eight-month period. Both times I told him, “Please give me some time to talk it over with my parents.

For some reason, they think I’m not ready for marriage so I will need a little time to convince them that I’m ready.”

He said, “At twenty-seven they think you’re not ready?” I said, “It’s not about age. You know readiness has nothing to do with age. Some are ready at twenty-two. They are early developers. Some of us take time to develop. Kindly give me some time.”

I was only buying myself some time to know him better. He was a perfect man during those months. I visited his home twice and saw how everything was in order. I told myself, “This is a man who knows how to put things in order.


No wonder our relationship had been in order since we met.” Whenever I was in his house, he didn’t let me do anything. If it’s water I wanted, he would walk to the fridge, pick bottled water and hand it over to me.

If I used the washroom, he will go there after I’d left and check if everything was alright. He was so careful about his space that he didn’t want to..CONTINUE.READING.HERE..>>>>>>Y

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