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I Found My Mom’s Underwear in My Fiancé’s Pocket, But I Did The Unexpected – Story of the Day



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Yes, that actually happened. I found my mom’s underwear in my fiancé’s pocket the night he stayed at our house. My mom wasn’t entirely to blame for what happened that fateful day…

I was only two years old when my dad left the family. Apparently, he was tired of looking after us and felt that we were a burden. So he found himself a young woman and left us for her.

However, from that moment on, mom had a hard time trusting men. She never dated anyone again after dad and their divorce, and as I grew older, she began “testing” all of my boyfriends.

I understand she wanted to protect me from the wrong men, but she didn’t realize that she was ruining her daughter’s life in the process…


According to my mother, none of the guys I fell for were trustworthy. All of them had failed her test, which strengthened her belief that all men were like my father: cheaters and false-hearted.

I felt terrible when I found out the truth about my ex-boyfriends, and I even decided that I would never trust a man again in my life. But after meeting Kevin, my thoughts changed. I don’t know what made me feel like he was different from others, but I was sure he was the one.

So, after much contemplation, I decided to introduce him to mom and invited him for dinner one day. “Hi, mom, meet Kevin. We’ve been dating for a while, and we’re planning on getting married soon,” I told my mom.

Kevin gave my mom a pleasant smile. “I’m glad we’re finally meeting, Mrs. Miles. Chloe always keeps talking about you!” he exclaimed cheerfully.


Mom looked at him suspiciously. “Nice to meet you, Kevin. I’m glad Chloe has someone in her life she loves so much,” she said. “But as far as marriage is concerned, we’ll see about that later,” she added in a low voice.

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Oh, no, don’t tell me she’s going to try those stupid tests on Kevin as well, I thought to myself. “Well, mom. Kevin is…” I started speaking, but my mom cut me off.

“Come, let’s have dinner, Chloe. We can discuss other things later,” she told me.

Honestly, I don’t think there was any point in even telling her not to doubt Kevin. I had a feeling she wouldn’t trust him, and sadly, that’s exactly what happened.


That night, after dinner, when my mom and Kevin were alone, she repeated her test. I had crept behind the closed door and was listening to their conversation. “Are you sure you like my daughter, Kevin?” mom asked him. “Or are you more interested in me?”

Please, Mrs. Miles, behave yourself! I’m not like that!” Kevin snapped and left the room.

You have no idea how happy I was when I heard Kevin reacting like that. He was the first guy to pass my mom’s test. But sadly, she didn’t believe him.

Kevin was leaving for a business trip the next day and would be back after a month. So, I asked him to stay at my house that night. At first, Kevin was hesitant because of how my mom behaved with him, but somehow I convinced him.


However, later that night, when I went to my mom’s room, I saw Kevin there. What’s more, I discovered my mother’s underwear in his back pocket!

I couldn’t believe my eyes. “What the hell, Kevin! I can’t believe you turned out like the other guys,” I exclaimed angrily.

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My mom dashed into the room. “What’s happening? What’s wrong?”

I looked at Kevin angrily. “Are you going to tell her what you did, or should I?”


“Look, Mrs. Miles, I’m sure it’s a misunderstanding. I don’t know how your underwear…I mean, I really didn’t take it,” he told my mom.

My mom looked at him furiously. “I don’t want to listen to anything! Get the hell out of my house, and don’t you dare meet my daughter again!” she told him.

I was heartbroken that night. I couldn’t believe Kevin had turned out like one of those perverts. Still, because I loved him, I considered forgiving him and decided to call him. But my mom stopped me. “Don’t be a fool, Chloe. How can you even think of going back to that cheater?!” she told me.

However, as luck would have it, my mom ran into Kevin again a month later, only to realize how wrong she had been in judging him.


She was attending a party at a hotel when she noticed a familiar face behind the bar counter. As she looked closely, she realized he was Kevin. But he wasn’t alone. A pretty girl was talking to him. “I really like you, Kevin,” she told him. “Can we meet tomorrow?”

To my mom’s surprise, Kevin flatly refused her. “I’m sorry, but my heart is taken,” he told the girl.

My mom was taken aback. “So, do you still like Chloe?” Mom asked when she approached him.

Kevin lost his cool when he saw her. “What are you doing here? Isn’t it enough that you ruined two lives?” he said.


At that moment, my mom realized that there were “exceptions” and that not all men were the same. She came home and told me everything. “I’m sorry, Chloe. It was my fault. I wanted to protect you from the likes of your father, so whatever happened that night … it was my plan. I slipped the underwear into Kevin’s pocket when he wasn’t looking. He’s innocent,” she told me.

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I couldn’t stop myself from crying. “Why did you do that, Mom? What am I going to do now?” I asked her, dejected.

You don’t need to worry, sweetie. Since I messed everything up, I’ll be the one to fix it,” she assured me

That night, my mom drove me to Kevin’s house and explained everything to him too. Thankfully, Kevin was very understanding, and he forgave her.


“I apologize to you as well, Chloe,” my mother said, “and I hope you will forgive me.”

I hugged my mom. “I love you, mom. You don’t need to feel sorry. I know you have strange methods, but you did everything to protect me.”

Yes, Mrs. Miles. Chloe is fortunate to have a caring mother like you,” Kevin added.

I was glad that finally, everything worked out. Two months later, Kevin and I got married. During the wedding, my mom met Kevin’s single uncle. And that’s how a new relationship was born.


What can we learn from this story?

  • Bad people are more common than we would like them to be but don’t think the world consists only of them. Kevin is an excellent example of the fact that not all men are bad.
  • Mothers can go to any extent to protect their children. Yes, what Chloe’s mom did was a little extra, but she just wanted to protect her daughter.
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