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I Can’t Believe This; I Returned Home To See The Lifeless Body Of My Son- Woman Laments



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A lady by the name Mary has painfully narrated how she lost her son and the last word he told her before he was involved in an accident and later died.

Nothing is more painful than a mother who knows the pains she goes through to give birth to a child, watch the child grow up and still watch the child die. You won’t understand if you’re not a woman or lost someone close to you. The pain you feel takes time to heal.

Mary said her son was a motorcycle rider, and the two of them constantly kept in touch. He was my best friend and everything to me. She went on to say that the same afternoon of her son’s accident, she was with him the entire time. They spent time together, he ate her food, thanked her, and said he was ready to go.

She and her son were talking about something when he grew weary and informed her he was ready to go, but she had no idea that was the final time she would see him alive before he died. He said, “Mommy, I’m ready to go.” She said she didn’t know his son was saying goodbye to her and that would be his last on earth. She said her son was always having accidents every day.


According to Mary herself, a phone call from one of Mary’s other sons informed Mary that her son had died. Her reaction was one of the most jarring she had ever experienced. She had to return home immediately after hearing the heartbreaking news since she was on a business trip. She said her son’s death broke her heart, killed part of her and left holes in her heart.

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Upon her return home, she was shocked to see her son’s lifeless corpse in a mortuary. She sobbed loudly as she grieved for her son’s loss. She broke down and sobbed hysterically as she recalled their final discussion before he passed away. She said she loved her son. How is she going to live now and survive without her son, her friend, and her first child?

She stated that it took her a long time to come to terms with the death of her son. Before she could let go of the past and move on, she had to go through a series of therapy sessions. She said she loved her son and still wanted him back.

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