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Homeless Man Falls for Rich Girl He Met at the Park and Waits for Her Every Day to Return – Story of the Day



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Timothy had to start working at a young age after his father made horrible financial decisions. Then he lost his mother and became homeless in a new city. The young man thought his luck had changed after meeting Molly at a park, but he was wrong.

Timothy’s family lived in Sacramento, California, for many years. His father, Jason Garrison, worked a regular desk job until he started taking a master class with a business guru, who promised to show everyone how to become their bosses.

That never happened. The truth is that this “business guru” was nothing but a cult leader who managed to extort money from people, including Jason. Timothy was just 14 when this disaster happened.

He tried to warn his father and urged his mother, Cynthia, to do something. But their efforts went unheard for years. Eventually, Jason quit his job and left to follow the business guru’s “plans.” Cynthia had been a stay-at-home mom at the time.


When Jason left, Cynthia scrambled to get a job to pay their bills since her husband had taken most of their savings with him. Timothy started working at 16. He had to drop out of high school when his mother got sick with cancer.

Unfortunately, she died a couple of years after her initial diagnosis, and Timothy was on his own. After paying her medical bills, he couldn’t afford his mortgage, and the bank repossessed their family home.

So Timothy took the few hundred dollars he managed to save and moved down to San Diego, hoping to find better opportunities. But his bag was stolen at his final bus stop, and there was nothing the police could do.

Defeated, he walked towards a public park and slept on one of the benches that night. I’ll get out of this tomorrow! Timothy promised himself before falling asleep. However, every day was more challenging than the one before.


No one wanted to hire him because he didn’t have an address or home. So the park became his permanent residence, and Timothy lost hope that he would ever change his situation. But one day, he saw a young woman at the park. She was sitting by a tree reading a book.

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He had never seen anyone more beautiful and wanted to approach her. She won’t want to talk to a dirty homeless man like me, Timothy thought sadly. But he waited for her to show up every single day. Surprisingly, she came to him one afternoon.

“Hello! I’m Molly. Would you like half my sandwich? I’m already full,” the woman offered him surprisingly.

“Yes, thank you,” Timothy agreed immediately. “I see you reading here every day.”


“Ah, yes. My house is in chaos. I still live with my parents, but my mom is always busy with something, and this is the only place I can read peacefully,” Molly replied.

“Well, this park is magically peaceful. Although it can get pretty noisy in the morning with everyone exercising and such,” Timothy added. Molly looked at him in sympathy and sat down on the bench.

They talked about many things, and then she asked him how he ended up in his situation. “It’s hard to explain, but this system makes it so people with no homes can’t find a real job,” Timothy revealed.

“There’s a job shortage everywhere right now. It’s hard to believe they will turn you away,” Molly stated, confused.


“You would think. Logically, I should get hired everywhere. But I don’t have a phone either. It doesn’t help that I dropped out of high school, although I don’t see how high school prepares me to flip burgers. I can do that easily,” Timothy said humorously.

Molly smiled and changed the subject to something cheerful. She decided to help him and brought him food every day. “But I also brought you this book that will prepare you for your G.E.D. You are getting out of this situation!” she insisted.

Timothy couldn’t be more grateful. After a month of doing this, he couldn’t hold his feelings in any longer. But she was hesitant.

“Tim, I…I admit that there’s affection here. But I don’t know…my parents…I’m not sure. I haven’t even told them I’m helping you,” she replied worriedly. Timothy let the subject go, for now, promising to try again when he wasn’t homeless.

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He finally got his G.E.D. and applied to a few jobs with Molly’s help. They had yet to hear back from his prospects when Molly surprised him even more.

“I do have feelings for you too, Timothy. I can’t hide them any longer either. But what will I say to my parents?” she wondered, concerned. He comforted her and said it was alright to keep it a secret for now.

But one day, her mother, Mrs. Melissa Lancing, came to the park unexpectedly because Molly wasn’t picking up the phone. She caught them kissing and started yelling. The older woman grabbed Molly’s arm and took her home.

“Mom, he’s a nice man. He’s my age, but you won’t believe how horrible his life has been. Not everyone is lucky like me!” Molly explained to her mother.


“He’s a homeless man! You’re a nice young lady from a wealthy family, Molly. You’re also beautiful, smart, and have so much potential. You can’t be with someone like that!” Mrs. Lancing yelled back.

Her father, Mr. Hubert Lancing, heard them screaming from his study and emerged to see what was going on. Melissa told him everything, and he was just as mad. “I forbid you from seeing him!” Mr. Lancing said coldly.

“If you do this, I’ll run away. I’m asking you to give him a chance. He’s a nice, wonderful man. You’ll see,” Molly begged them. Regardless, they didn’t allow her to leave the house from then on.

Timothy was heartbroken. For days, he waited for Molly to return but she stopped showing up. He was worried he would never see her again. What if her parents convinced her to stop seeing me? he wondered.


But the Lancings couldn’t keep Molly locked in their house for long. One day, she snuck out to finally see Timothy who felt like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders when he saw her again.

Molly tried to convince him to run away with her, but he hesitated because he didn’t want her to cut off her parents. But Molly was stubborn. She went back home and gave her parents an ultimatum. “You either meet him and let us change your mind, or I’m leaving forever,” she told them. The Lancings relented and invited him over for dinner.

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Timothy did his best to clean up at the Y.M.C.A. and dressed in his nicest outfit, which was just jeans and a button-down shirt Molly gave him for his job interviews. But they worked. Mrs. Lancing saw how handsome Timothy was now that he was cleaned up.

They sat down to eat and asked him about his past. Molly’s parents empathized with him because Mr. Lancing had heard of the scamming “business guru,” too.


“I can’t believe what he’s doing to people,” he commented.

“That’s horrible. Tell us what else happened,” Mrs. Lancing urged Timothy. By the end of the night, Mr. Lancing offered Timothy a job at his construction company.

“But I’ll be real with you. It’s hard work being a construction man, and I want more for my daughter. You’re going to need to bust your back and study to become a man worthy of her,” Mr. Lancing warned.

Timothy thanked him and started working immediately. One of his co-workers offered him a room at his house, and he was officially not homeless anymore. His salary was decent enough to pay his bills and start a savings account. But he also started night classes at the community college.


Mr. Lancing saw how hard he worked and never objected again to his relationship with Molly. When Timothy graduated, he earned a new position at Mr. Lancing’s company and worked his way up.

A few years later, he and Molly got married with Mr. and Mrs. Lancing’s full approval.

What can we learn from this story?

Don’t fall for scammers, gurus, influencers, etc. Some of these “gurus” are just glorified cult leaders, and they have nothing good to offer you or your family.


Everyone deserves a chance. Mr. and Mrs. Lancing were hesitant to let their daughter date a homeless person until they heard his story. But they gave him a chance to become better.

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