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He wants to Keep Dating But He’s Not Ready For Marriage- Lady



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He wants to Keep Dating But He’s Not Ready For Marriage- Lady

I’m 35 and I’ve been dating a man who is now 40. It’s only been two months and we’ve agreed to keep off any sexual activity. We’ve both never been married before. This relationship is, however, already leaving me worried because he says he is not yet ready for marriage.

Let me take you back a bit. We met at a book club so you could say our love for books brought us together. Before we officially started dating he invited me to a family event and I got to meet his people. It was very reassuring to find out that our families also have a lot in common. This far everything looks perfect but then there’s a small problem and this is what I need advice on.

I am totally ready for marriage but this son of Pharaoh is not. He says we should take more time but I really don’t see the sense in it. Why would you date someone for many months or years without the intention of marrying them? I don’t understand this concept at all. Why would we take longer? We hadn’t had this conversation before we started dating so I brought it up and his response really shocked me.


So how long will I sit and wait for him to finally come to terms with marriage? What if getting married doesn’t cross his mind in the near future or at all? I’ve heard other single people being advised to just let the relationship flow and just enjoy dating. From this perspective, it looks like I’m rushing things. Honestly, I’ve been in relationships that were simply a waste of my time and I wouldn’t want to do that again at my age.

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Would it be risky to continue dating when you’re sure you want to settle down? Is it wrong for me to want a short dating period? Should I give this relationship a chance or maybe I should end it before I invest too much of myself in it and end up feeling wasted?

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