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He Married The Wrong Woman: Police Officer caught His wife with the CHIEF, He Decides to Teach Them a Lesson



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“When one cop, Liam Scott, fell in love with an air hostess, he knew he couldn’t wait a second to spend forever with her. Unfortunately, this pretty woman wasn’t who he thought she was. Months later, he caught her with his chief, then decided to teach them a lesson they would never forget in a hurry.

That day, he left his house and did this: How would you feel if someone you love betrays you because they found someone they thought was better? Devastated, shattered, and maybe vowed to never love again, right? Some people don’t give a second thought before they betray those who love them. Sadly, it is good-hearted people like Liam who paid the price.

Since Liam was a teenager, he dreamed about becoming a police officer. His father, David, inspired this dream. Although he lost his dad when he was only seven, his father’s heroic works inspired him, and he decided to continue on his path. By the time Liam turned 22, he graduated from the police academy. Afterwards, he was called into service where he performed wonderfully. Since this man was a successful young cop with a bright future ahead of him, he should feel happy and fulfilled, right? Well, that wasn’t the case. Something secretly bothered this fine gentleman. Although he was up and going during the day, at night he was lonely as a deserted ship.


You see, this cop had never really been lucky in his past relationships. Although there were some women who would do anything to have him in their lives, he didn’t feel the same way about them. While the ones he cared about treated him like a piece of trash, this cop had a childlike mind and believed the most beautiful thing in the world was loving and being loved in return. So each day, he hoped the universe would bring to him a woman he would worship for the rest of his life. But as the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for.

This cup of duty took most of his time, so he didn’t even have time to socialize. However, one morning, his chief sent him on an official assignment. He was to fly to Pennsylvania for the task. That morning, he set out thinking it would be a pretty normal day. But this trip soon led him to his greatest desire.


While on the plane, there was nothing out of the ordinary until they looked up and saw one air hostess, Eva, staring at him. Each time their eyes met, Liam’s heart literally stomped. This lady was gorgeous and smiled like the sun. Before then, Liam had never believed in love at first sight, but with this woman, he knew within his soul she would make him happy. He felt a deep longing to love and protect her. Yet, everything was still confusing. He couldn’t explain the rush of emotions he felt. But whatever it was, he knew he had to take a chance.

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Swiftly, with his heart pounding in his chest, he reached for his bag, brought out a piece of paper, and wrote his phone contact. Now, the next thing was how he was going to get the paper to her. He wrecked his brain, but no idea was forthcoming. Just five minutes before touchdown, Liam couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Eva walking towards him with her eyes fixed on him.


“Hello, sir. Is there anything I can do for you?” she said, staring so deep into his eyes.

“Oh, no thanks, miss,” he replied and immediately regretted his words. He heard a voice fiercely screaming, “Do it now!” in his head. “It’s now or never,” the voice said again. So when Eva was about to take her leave, he blurted, “Hello, ma’am.” She smiled at him and briskly gave her the note.

For the rest of the day, he kept waiting for her call, but no calls came in. As dusk approached, he gave up. But soon luck shone on him. Liam was preparing to go to bed when his phone rang. He couldn’t contain his joy when he learned she was the one. That night, they spoke for hours. It was like they had been friends for decades. So, nothing could convince Liam that this woman wasn’t the one for him.


But things aren’t always what they seem on the surface. Days later, Liam and Eva met in person and afterward went on more beautiful dates. Soon, this couple was walking on air. They found it hard to stay a day without each other. They were so deeply in love that months later, Liam proposed and Eva screamed a loud “Yes!” Afterwards, they got married and bought a small but cute house where they lived happily.

That was the case until the devil decided to say hello, and Ava forgot all the beautiful promises she ever made. One morning, Ava wanted to surprise her husband at work, so she baked his favorite cookies and drove off to his workplace. But that day, when she entered his office, Liam wasn’t the only one there.


His chief, Gary, was also in the office. Immediately as Ava opened the door, Gary was the first person she saw, and at the side of him, her heart skipped. He was so tall and well-built, with a facial structure she thought was perfect. His blonde hair was also the perfect curls. But what was even more mesmerizing was the way the chief stared back at her. He was obviously smitten as well.

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Unfortunately, poor Liam didn’t even notice what was going on between his wife and his trusted chief. Ava quickly dropped the cookies off and said she had to go for the rest of the day. Gary was top of her mind. That evening, before Liam returned home, he called his wife and told her he had beautiful news. When he got home that day, he told Ava his boss ate some cookies and wanted to come over by the weekend to have more. Liam was so excited because he thought this newlywed relationship with the chief would pave the way for his overdue promotion.


As for Ava, she badly wanted to see the chief too. She had spent the day fantasizing about him. She was now blinded by lust and didn’t even bother to fight it. Ever since the chief’s first visit, he became a constant visitor at the house. Sometimes, he even came over when Liam wasn’t around. But this cop never suspected a thing. Little did he know something pathetic was going on between his adorable wife and the chief.

Until one day, when he saw something that shattered his whole being. That day, Liam was working on an assignment by his boss when he decided to drop by and surprise his wife. But this sweet gesture soon turned sour. After getting some fries, he headed home. However, what he saw when he was a few steps away from his house made him stop in his tracks. He saw his wife walk out of his door, but what he saw next seized his breath. Gary also came out too, and Ava walked into his car. When he was about to leave, she threw her hands around his neck, and he kissed her hands.


When Liam saw this, his palms became sweaty. It took all his strength not to jump down from the car and rip Gary apart. Tears streamed down his eyes, but he decided it was best to catch them red-handed. So, he came up with a plan. Although a part of him hoped it would fail, the next weekend, Liam told his wife he was visiting his parents instead.

He left the house and hid in a corner, expecting his boss to show up. About 30 minutes later, a car stopped outside the house, and Liam saw his chief get down from the car with a bouquet in his hands.

Twenty minutes later, the lights went off, and that was the signal Liam needed to go in. As he took each step, his heart pounded. He hoped it wasn’t what he was imagining, but his life soon tumbled like a pack of cards. When he got in, he heard the two laughing, and he knew the voices were coming from the bathroom. So, he rushed up there. There wasn’t even any need to knock because the door was wide open, and the scene before his eyes made his heart ache.

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Hot tears gushed down his unbelieving eyes. He felt the annoying pains of betrayal and deception. One would think the chief would fall on his knees and apologize, but you won’t even believe what he did. Right there, he went into a fit and fired Liam on the spot. In that moment, the innocent man lost everything he held dear: his treasured job and the wife he believed would never hurt him.

Soon, Liam became a shadow of himself. He even started seeing a psychologist. After several visits to the clinic, Liam soon found his strength, and this was the only reason why Gary and Ava didn’t go scot-free. Liam decided to sue Gary for alienation of affection, even though such cases are rare. However, with the support of Liam’s colleagues, the court ruled in favor of Liam.


The court ordered Gary to pay half a million dollars and also reinstate Liam in his job. Liam was very happy with the way things turned out, but it got even better. The top management fired Gary. They didn’t even stop at that, but they also reviewed Liam’s performance and appointed him to the position his former boss had held. This makes me believe that the kindness you give out to the world always ends up coming back to you.

A few days after Liam’s promotion, he got an unexpected visitor at his home. It was Ava. Her eyes were swollen from too much crying. When Liam opened the door, she held his hands tightly and begged shamelessly. She promised him a new beginning, now that she knew his worth. It amazed me why we wait until we lose someone before we learn to appreciate them. Unfortunately for Ava, it was too late.


That day, when Liam looked into her eyes, he didn’t see the beautiful air hostess he had seen that day on the flight. He didn’t see the woman who said, “I do” on their wedding day. She had broken his trust, and he knew he would never see her the same way again. It was over.

“We were so happy. I thought we had something different and beautiful, but I was wrong,” he said and slipped his hands out of hers, walking away. That was when she knew she had lost him forever. True love doesn’t betray; it waits, it endures.


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