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Guarding Against Terrorists: Video of Helicopter Accompanying Nigeria Train Causes Stir on Social Media



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Nigerians on social media have reacted to a video in which an helicopter was accompanying a train to its destination. This is apparently in efforts to safe guard the train against bandits attacks.

The Prince:

This is total nonsense. Why are we wasteful in Nigeria? An helicopter patrolling our rail lines or escorting trains. Who cursed Nigeria? How much is the total maintenance cost of the chopper per trip and how much is the train generating? I really don’t understand why?



Like… Bandits will see the helicopter and run away or what?

I don’t understand.

El- Amin Dahunsi

Who cursed who? It’s a short term measure until Banditry is clamped down, to restore confidence in commuting. The business of rail transportation for now isn’t about business rather than long-term benefits of infrastructure as it aids development. Ya opinion doesn’t count too.



They need another Fighter jet to secure the helicopter because RPG can easy take down an Helicopter.


Then you need tanks to clear the tracks in case there it’s has been blocked, and then foot soldiers to secure the tanks . Heck why don’t we just escort each train with a full military platoon.


Romel Ugoji

This is tantamount to using a bandaid, to treat a gunshot injury. Will this solution enable a few trips on the route to be completed: Yes. Can this solution work at scale: No Is the solution practical and/or sustainable: No. This isn’t efficient or effective by any measure.

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It won’t even enable a trip to be completed. Something a GPMG can bring down, and they will also kidnap the pilot… Extra money. Unless those guys no mean them.


Odun Tutu

Disappointed that this tweet is coming from a supposedly “learned fellow”! You think this is sustainable? Who pays for the helicopter maintenance & fueling? How many helicopters to monitor how many trains multiple destinations? What happened to unmanned drones?

Chief Nomso

The Cost of Fueling the Helicopter is gona be audacious. The Helicopter can be taken down if they want to as they are provided weapons


We are borrowing to even feed, when the Govt is tired they will take dem down instead of these Nonsense Propaganda

Watch Video Below:

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