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Cult War: Suspected Eiye Cult Leader Attacked By Rival Group Dies After Being Rejected In 3 Hospitals



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A leader of Eiye cult group was killed by the rival Aiye members recently in Somolu area of Lagos State. It was learnt that a mention of the victim’s name, simply identified as Adebayo alias Ororo, always send shiver down the spine of the rival Aiye cult group, residents and traders in the community, his death was said to have brought relief to them. Our correspondent also gathered that some parents had taken their sons out of the community to a safer place for fear of being initiated into cultism by the notorious cult leader and other groups in the community.

Genesis of the crisis

Speaking with our correspondent, a resident of the community who simply gave his name as Omotilewa said the cause of the crisis between the rival groups which led to the death of Adebayo started on March 15, 2022, when one of Aiye members called Sharafa died mysteriously. He noted that the said Sharafa was not killed by anyone, but fell on a pitch where he was playing football with his friends and was revived, and went home to sleep, only for him to die in his sleep. When he died, his Aiye cult members believed that he was killed by the rival group through diabolic, since then they have been planning revenge, to kill a rival member.

“He was later buried at Atan cemetery. When his corpse was being taken to the cemetery both Aiye and Eiye members followed his family members with his corpse. It was at the cemetery that his Aiye members started shouting that it was Eiye cult members that killed him with the use of charm, they also alleged that the deceased sustained internal injury during a clash between the two rival groups sometimes last year which probably led to his death.


“The late Adebayo who was at the cemetery on the fateful day claimed he would have also been killed the day they went to bury Sharafa, when the deceased members saw him and other Eiye group members in their midst, because the person that died is an Aiye member and they were much at the cemetery, they almost lynched him and his colleagues. He said it was one Baba Labule who was also at the cemetery on the fateful day that shouted on the Aiye members not to cause another crisis in the cemetery that they are still mourning the deceased, that was how he was able to escape from the cemetery with his colleagues.”

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He added that, on Thursday April 7, Adebayo was outside a building with his friends within their neighbourhood, he was putting on earphones when the rival Aiye cult members arrived the area, but because of the earphones he was wearing he didn’t see them on time and also didn’t notice that his friends were calling him, before he knew what was happening the Aiye cult group members had pounced on him, machetes was used on him and he was also shot on the head, after he fell into the gutter, while trying to escape, but was rushed to a private hospital at Mushin where he was confirmed dead on arrival.

“It was because his group and family members were afraid of the police in Somolu, they didn’t want to be arrested that was why they took him to another hospital at Mushin. Fortunately, we have a General Hospital at Somolu and Gbagada, but they couldn’t make use of the two hospitals, if not because they were afraid of the Police whu will they take him to Mushin, even before he was admitted at the hospital at Mushin, three hospitals had already rejected him at Somolu because of the severe injuries he sustained from the gunshots and machetes attack from the cult group.

“Immediately the news of his death filtered into town, panic gripped residents, traders quickly locked their shops and went to their various homes. Since his death, peace has eluded Somolu, Bajulaiye and Akoka and its environs. We want peace, because the boys have taken over everywhere. When you get to Somolu, by 7pm, you wouldn’t find anyone outside.”

Nonsense killing


Another resident who didn’t want his name in print said it was unfortunate that youths that are supposed to be useful to their parents are busy killing themselves stupidly. He said after Adebayo had been buried at his parent’s house in Epe, his Aiye cult group members and Eiye rival cult members have been making efforts to attack each other.

He said: “Both Eiye and Aiye cult groups tried to come out to confront each on Sunday afternoon last week and on Saturday, they were repelled by combined team of policemen from Alade, Bariga, Onipanu and Pedro police stations. Members of Oodua Peoples Congress also supported the police to restore peace, but they are not a government agency, it is only government agency that has the power to arrest and prosecute them. “It is only police that has the power to arrest and prosecute the suspected cultist whenever they are arrested.

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But OPC and the police are working together to flush out the cultist in the community, we the residents are also supporting them with information on how to make the community a peaceful and prosperous place to live. “I want to thank the DPOs for their selfless services to the community, anytime we call them they will respond swiftly. The only solution to the crisis is for the landlords association in the community to stop the boys from gathering in front of their houses. With that they wouldn’t have a base where they assemble to strike, smoke and drink anymore, but if any of the landlords see such gathering they should raise alarm to the security agents, I think that’s the only way to get rid of them.

“I am not an OPC member, but in Somolu we don’t have any other OPC group that is effective like that of the new era led by one Alhaji Rasak Arogundade, they are doing their best to assist other security agencies to tackle the cult boys and other criminal elements. But their major issues are that the local government and the state government should empower them to complement the efforts of Police and other security agencies.” Another resident who also spoke on condition of anonymity said it saddens him when youths whose parents have laboured for, from infant to be great in life are the ones killing themselves like chicken. “When we were growing up in this same community in the 60s there was nothing called cultists, you can walk from one street to another without hindrance, but now a youth from Bajulaiye cannot go to Akoka because of the various cult groups they belongs to.


It calls for concern. Now youths are being buried like chicken every day at their prime age. “It is in the same community a lawmaker will buy a car for someone and tell the person that he didn’t just buy the vehicle for the person because of God, but for the person to use the proceeds from the car to buy arms and ammunition to support his own political cause. The politicians are the ones protecting the cultists, whenever they are arrested they are the one who always bail and empower them. This is the society will are living in now. The ironic part of it is that the politicians themselves don’t use their own children. But God will save us. “I want to implore the new Commissioner of Police, Abiodun Alabi to beam his search light on these two other notorious cult leaders in Somolu, they are Ibrahim Ijaya and Stege boy, they are member of Aiye confraternity, the two of them are more dangerous than Adebayo. If police are able to pick the two of them, peace will return to Somolu and its environs, because the two boys control alot of boys in the community.”

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Residents relocating their children from community

An elderly woman who didn’t want her name in print said the rate of killing in Somolu and Bariga by the cultist is alarming, but government decided not to look into the community’s direction to put a stop to it. She said when the killings were becoming unbearable she decided to relocate her two sons away from the community to Osun State to prevent them from being initiated into cultism.

“Adebayo that was killed recently has a young wife with a baby of three monthold, where do you expect such a lady to start from with the baby. Also, he has an aged mother that he left behind, at my age do you expect me to give birth again, I also don’t pray to cry over my children at my old age, that was why I took them away from the community.


Asides from the cult related activities, the youths are also into hard drugs and armed robbery to survive, it takes the grace of God to raise a child in this kind of community. “Most parents too have done what I did by taking their sons away, preventing them from being killed or initiated, while those who don’t have where to take them to rent apartments for them in other parts of the state and warn them never to come into the community. That is the situation we found ourselves here. I want to urge all parents to talk to their children and discourage them from bad acts, there is limit to what government can do.”

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