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Although the Vanilla Girl Aesthetic Is Popular On TikTok, Not All Women Would Find It To Be Welcoming Or Inclusive



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Bridgette Davis is a TikToker who recently shared her story about her late husband’s struggle with mental illness and the mistress he had. In the six-second clip, Bridgette displayed a screenshot of her text conversation with her husband’s mistress. The conversation took place after her husband had passed away, and Bridgette had to tell the other woman about his death.

In a series of follow-up videos, Bridgette explained the background of the situation and why she decided to tell the other woman about her husband’s death. She felt that the mistress had the right to know, and at that point, she didn’t have anything against her anymore. Bridgette knew that the man she married and the man with another woman on the side were two different people entirely.

Bridgette’s husband struggled with mental illness throughout his entire life. In 2017, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. A few months later, Bridgette discovered some questionable things on his phone. She confronted him about it, which led to a big argument, and he left for the night. The next morning, he came home, and they had a serious talk. He explained how much he was struggling and told Bridgette that he wanted to get better and was willing to work to make that happen.

Two weeks later, there were more questionable things on his phone. Again, she asked him about it, and he grew upset and called her crazy. Bridgette dug deeper to see what was truly going on and found out something way worse than she ever could have imagined.

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The following day, he headed to work, but instead, he hopped on a plane to Mexico without telling anyone. After two days without hearing from him, Bridgette was worried that something bad had happened, but no one took her concerns seriously. Finally, on day five, she received a text from him, telling her that he was in Mexico and had gotten into some deep trouble.

He drained every last cent from their bank accounts, including their savings and their kids’ college funds. Bridgette called his parents, and they arranged a flight home for him on the condition that he would check himself into a mental health treatment center upon arriving home, which he did. But a few days later, he decided to check himself out of the facility.

After that, things were still rocky between Bridgette and her husband. They were no longer living together, and she discovered that her husband had met someone. However, one day, Bridgette started having car troubles, and her husband came over to swap cars with her so he could fix it. While he was there, he showed her how to use the lawn mower and snow blower, and they went on a lunch date and had an enjoyable time together. He also revealed that his relationship with the mistress was over.

But one good day did not mean his mental health was improving. Even though he seemed fine on the surface, Bridgette knew better. The weeks after that were a blur, but Bridgette and her kids got through it with plenty of support and therapy and stayed strong together as a family.

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Bridgette’s story sheds light on the challenges of dealing with a loved one’s mental illness and the painful aftermath of infidelity. She also highlights the importance of seeking professional help and support when facing such difficult situations.


             What Can we learn from this?

From Bridgette’s story, we can learn several important lessons:

  1. Mental illness is a serious issue that requires professional help: Bridgette’s husband struggled with bipolar disorder and needed professional treatment to manage his condition. Mental illness can have a significant impact on an individual’s life, and it is essential to seek help and support when dealing with these issues.
  2. Infidelity can be devastating: Bridgette’s story highlights the painful aftermath of infidelity and the impact it can have on a family. Infidelity can lead to a breakdown in trust and can cause significant emotional harm to those involved.
  3. Open communication is key: Bridgette’s willingness to confront her husband about her concerns and to seek the truth allowed her to understand the situation fully. Open communication is essential in any relationship, especially when dealing with challenging issues such as mental illness and infidelity.
  4. Support and therapy are crucial: Bridgette and her family were able to get through the difficult times by seeking support and therapy. Mental illness and infidelity can be isolating, and it is important to have a support system in place to help you through these challenges.
  5. Recovery is possible: Bridgette’s story demonstrates that recovery is possible with the right resources and support. It is essential to seek professional help and support and to work together as a family to overcome these difficult circumstances.
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