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After confessing my feelings to my best friend , he has stopped talking to me. I am a woman of 24 years old



After confessing my feelings to my best friend
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After confessing my feelings to my best friend , he has stopped talking to me. I am a woman of 24 years old

I  recently found myself in a tricky situation with my best friend (25m), whom I have known for ten years. After a long time of contemplating, I decided to tell him about my feelings for him. However, my confession wasn’t about dating him right away. Instead, I wanted to discuss the awkward tension that had been building up between us and to be able to talk openly about it because I thought it could be fun and interesting. I had hoped that my openness would bring us closer.

To my surprise, my best friend confided in me that he had also had feelings for me at some point in the past, but he was preoccupied with someone else who didn’t share his feelings and is now dating someone else. Several mutual acquaintances have told me that he didn’t confess his feelings to me earlier because he didn’t want to risk our friendship.

While I was relieved to know that we had mutual feelings, I soon began to feel that things were not the same between us. I could sense that my best friend was pulling away from me. He barely spoke to me, and when he did, he was cold or dismissive. It felt as though he was trying to distance himself from me, and I couldn’t understand why.


Eventually, I reached out to him and expressed my desire to work things out and regain our friendship. I hoped that we could go back to being the same old friends we used to be. However, he denied that he was feeling weird or uncomfortable around me. He simply said that he had been busy and that he had not been able to communicate much with anyone, let alone me.

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Despite his assurances, I couldn’t shake the feeling that our friendship was on shaky ground. I missed my best friend dearly, but I didn’t know what to do. I wondered if I should wait and give him some space or reach out to him more frequently. I also couldn’t help but wonder if my confession had caused irreparable damage to our friendship.

Now, my romantic feelings for him have diminished, and I don’t see him in a romantic light anymore. I just want my friend back, and I don’t know what to do to get our friendship back on track. I would appreciate any advice or perspectives from others who have been in a similar situation.

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