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After Church Service My Pastor Called Me And Told Me Something That Left Me In Shock



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After Church Service My Pastor Called Me And Told Me Something That Left Me In Shock

I have met a lot of questionable men in my quest for love. Each one walks into my life with honey drooling down their lips only to leave me wrecked like a badly damaged car after an accident. I suppose I could say that my heart has suffered a lot of accidents on this journey of love. At a point, I wanted to just give up and become a cat lady. But then Amos walked into my life.

Amos was a sweet guy who made me wonder why on earth I ever wanted to give up on love. He was everything I had always wanted in a man. All I had to do was tell him I needed him, he would drop everything and show up by my side. I felt like his queen. And I too treated him with all the royalty he deserved. I’m not going to lie, things were blissful between us.

“Finally, my search for love has brought me the perfect man for me. I am glad I didn’t give up,” I said to myself as I basked in the joy of his love. Everything was going as smoothly as butter when he changed all of a sudden. He came up with rules for our relationship. He didn’t articulate these rules but I understood them by watching the change in his behavior.


Speaking on the phone no longer became part of our daily routine. He would rather send me text messages. Even if it was in an emergency situation, he would never..CONTINUE.READING.FULL.STORY.HERE..>>>>

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