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It Was Only My Husband Who Knew There Was Powers In My Waist Beads After Discovering



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Imet a man in my hometown. His name is Paapa. We were introduced in January. On Vals’ day that same year, he proposed. It took me three days to say yes to him. In August that same year, he came home to perform the knocking rite. In November, we got married.

Proposal. Acceptance. Knocking rite. Traditional wedding. White wedding. All happened within nine months of our meeting. We never had sex until marriage. That’s what fairy tales are made of right? They called me lucky.

I counted myself as blessed. I became the standard among my friends. I was their source of motivation. When something wasn’t going right in their relationship life, I was the mirror they looked through. They said, “The right man would come along and he would make all things easier. Look at what happened to Uriel.

What heartbreaks didn’t she go through? But what happened when the right man came along? Nine months. It took her just nine months to get to the altar. Something she had waited for years only happened within nine months.”


Seven months after marriage, my husband said, “I want a divorce.” He didn’t sugarcoat it. He didn’t struggle to say it. He didn’t stutter when saying it. He just went straight for it; “I want a divorce…” I was waiting for the ‘Because’ part of his statement but it didn’t come.

People will usually tell you what they want and add, “Because…” at the end of their statement followed by the reason why they want what they want. Paapa didn’t add ‘because.’ He only said, “I want a…CONTINUE.READING.THE.FULL.STORY.HERE..>>>>>

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