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Woman Saves Money to Provide for Two Children, but in Her Old Age They Kick Her Out of House Until The Unexpected happened



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A mother who slaved to provide for her two kids was kicked out of her home by them so they could make millions following her husband’s demise.

“Can you save her doctor?” Todd Wilson asked the doctor who was about to carry out a C–section on his wife.

“Your wife will be perfectly fine, Mr. Wilson, just leave it to me,” the doctor said before disappearing into the room.

Half an hour later, Todd heard the cries of his children and knew they had arrived. The doctor had saved his wife and kids, leaving a powerful impression on the simple man.


Olive, his wife, returned home with him, and they became proud parents of their twin sons, whom they named Cole and Elijah.

The couple was uneducated; Olive dropped out after getting pregnant with the twins, and her husband had always been a rancher. They lived peacefully on a medium-sized ranch where Elijah practiced different modes of farming, including animal husbandry. Because they never got educated, Olive and her husband wanted nothing more for their boys.

“You’ll both grow up to be doctors,” Todd said as soon as he lifted them in his arms for the first time. As far as he was concerned, saving another human life was a very noble profession, so his children would become nothing else but doctors.

Olive lived as a housewife with her husband, never lacking anything while raising their two boys. They both worked tirelessly to make sure their children could become doctors.


When Todd passed away during a buffalo stampede, Olive was left on her own to fend for the two boys who were already teenagers by then. Hard times quickly fell upon them, and they started getting offers from other ranchers for the land.

To get by, Olive started working as a maid in a wealthy man’s house. It was all her skill set could afford her, but she was very diligent with the job, keeping the whole mansion sparkling clean while slowly warming her into the older man’s heart.

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He liked her dedication and kindness, which made him pay her a little extra each time he could. All the money she made, Olive put into her savings which she used to sponsor their schooling.

She did that for years until they entered college to study medicine, just like Olive and her late husband had wanted. The children did not care very much about saving lives; however, they did not want to disappoint their parents, so they played along.


Things changed when they were approached by one of the wealthy ranchers who wanted to buy their father’s property. He fed them with words that made them desire the amount of money he was offering for the property, and they took it all in, hook, line and sinker.

At some point, the rancher even paused in his speech to look around their room in disgust, making sure they could see his expression. “You could both be living in luxury and not have to work for a long time with the money you stand to receive from selling that property to us,” the man said.

His words had a significant impact on the boys, and all they could do after the rancher left was fantasize about the life they knew could be theirs.

“We should go home to discuss this with mother,” Elijah said to his brother, who agreed wholeheartedly.


At home, they greeted their mother but held off on telling her the reason for their visit until they sat down to dinner that day.

“Mom, we have something to tell you,” Cole said uneasily. The boys both knew their mother would not agree to their proposal, but they were bent on having their way.

“We’ve been thinking, mom, and we’ve decided that we want to take up John’s offer to buy the land.”

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Olive’s spoon, full of soup, had been halfway to her mouth when she heard the statement, and that’s where it remained as she stayed frozen, staring at her soup as though there was a war going on in it.


In truth, the war was in her mind. “I’ll never sell this land,” she said coldly, lowering her spoon back to her plate.

“If we do it now, we stand to gain a lot mom,” Elijah said. “Things are not going well right now and we really need that money.”

“I’ll say it again, this land is not for sale!” she yelled, then got up and left.

“We know that dad left the land in our names, mom. We visited the lawyer on our way here,” Cole replied. “As such, we can decide to do with it whatever we want.”


The following day, Olive was thrown out of her home by her own children, who told her to go and stay with her siblings. However, they all turned her down when she called to ask for the favor. They all seemed to have an excuse or the other for why they could not help. So Olive had to go to a homeless shelter.

By day, the aggrieved woman worked for the wealthy man, Mr. Williams, and in the evening, she spent the night at the shelter where she quickly made friends because of her kind personality.

They were the ones who helped the woman slowly heal her broken heart. She also quickly became very attached to Mr. Williams, whom she told her life story to.

One day, she went to work and saw the man’s mansion swarming with people. Apparently, he passed away sometime that morning, and his nurse, who had been in charge of taking care of him, had called an ambulance.

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Olive was saddened to lose a friend as well as a good job. But a few days later, an expensive car pulled up outside the homeless shelter where she was situated. It was driven by a lawyer who told Olivia that Mr. Williams had left her all his fortune. However, it came with one condition — she could not share it with her children, siblings, and all those who turned away from her.

Olive accepted the blessing and followed the man’s instructions to the letter, leaving out her kids and siblings, only to spend on the new family she had made in the shelter.

She renovated the shelter, bought enough food to last them a long time, and also got medicine for its residents.

When Olive’s boys later found out that their mother had become a millionaire, they asked her to share some of the money with them, but she refused, saying it belonged only to her and her real family, those who stood by her in her sad moments.


What did we gain from this story?

Let your children have a say. Olive and Todd wanted their sons to be doctors, but their boys had no inclination towards saving lives. The boys only wanted to make their parents happy but, in the long run, would have slowly started resenting them for forcing them into something they had no interest in.

Evil never goes unpunished. The boys kicked their own mother out of the home she once shared with their late father and thought they could go scot-free. Karma checked in to balance things up by giving Olive all the riches she could ever need, which is proof that evil never goes unpunished.

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