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Why I kicked my girlfriend out of her room in my Apartment



I kicked my girlfriend out of her room in my apartment so that my dad could sleep in it?
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The anticipation of seeing a loved one after a long time can be overwhelming, and this was the case for a boy who was excited about their dad’s visit. However, the small living space they shared with their girlfriend posed a significant challenge.

The apartment had only two bedrooms, with the second bedroom serving as the girlfriend’s personal “woman cave.” The dad ended up sleeping on the couch in the living room, which caused him severe back pain. The boy realized that this wasn’t a sustainable situation and decided to ask their girlfriend if the dad could sleep in her room for a few days.


To the boy’s surprise, his girlfriend refused, insisting that the person should sleep on the couch or in her room instead. The boy became agitated, feeling that their girlfriend was being unreasonable. They argued that they couldn’t sleep on the couch because it was uncomfortable, and his girlfriend’s bed was too small for them.


As the argument escalated, his  girlfriend accused the person of being selfish and making unreasonable requests. She suggested that the person should have planned better for the dad’s visit and booked him a hotel room. The boy felt that the girlfriend wasn’t being fair, especially since she didn’t pay rent and lived in the apartment for free.


After some back and forth, his girlfriend finally relented and agreed to let the dad sleep in her room. However, she kept bringing up the issue and making the person feel guilty about it.

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The situation highlights several issues that could arise when living with a partner or roommate. The first issue is the lack of space, which makes it challenging to accommodate guests. When living in a small apartment, it’s essential to find creative solutions to make everyone comfortable.



Another issue that arises in the story is the importance of setting boundaries. The girlfriend had established her personal space in the apartment, and the person’s request to use it was seen as a breach of that boundary. This situation highlights the importance of respecting each other’s boundaries and finding a compromise that works for everyone.


According To His Statement :

My dad came to visit me for a few weeks, and I was excited to see him since we hadn’t seen each other in months. However, my apartment is already pretty full with my girlfriend living there, who doesn’t pay rent, and me. We have a two-bedroom apartment, but my girlfriend uses the second room as her personal “woman cave” and prefers to sleep there most nights.


The problem was that my dad had to sleep on the couch in the living room, which was causing him severe back pain. He’s 70 years old. Plus, it was inconvenient for everyone since we couldn’t watch TV late at night without disturbing him.

So, I asked my girlfriend if my dad could sleep in her room for a few days, and she could sleep in my room. Seemed like a reasonable request since my dad was only staying for a few more days.

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However, my girlfriend wasn’t having it. She didn’t want to give up her space and insisted that I should sleep on the couch or in her room instead. But, her bed was too small for me to sleep in, and I needed a proper place to sleep. I got upset because I felt like she wasn’t being reasonable. After all, she doesn’t pay rent, and this is my apartment.


She still refused and said that I should have planned better for my dad’s visit. Saying I should’ve booked him a hotel room. She called me selfish and made it seem like I was the one being unreasonable.


Eventually, I got her to let my dad stay in her room, but she keeps bringing it up and making me feel guilty about it. She’s acting like I did something terrible, when all I was trying to do was help my dad out.




      Commentary  By Editor


Moreover, the story shows how communication is key in resolving conflicts. While the person may have felt that their request was reasonable, they needed to communicate their feelings to their girlfriend in a respectful and clear manner. Likewise, the girlfriend needed to be receptive to the person’s concerns and work towards finding a solution that worked for everyone.

In conclusion, sharing a living space with another person can be challenging, especially when dealing with limited space and conflicting needs. In such situations, it’s essential to communicate openly, respect each other’s boundaries, and work towards finding a compromise that works for everyone. By doing so, conflicts can be resolved amicably, and everyone can live in a harmonious environment.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. David Tunje

    August 9, 2023 at 4:25 am

    In some African customs and traditions, your father can not sleep in either of the rooms.Your girl friend is like a daughter in law to him. He can’t sleep on her bed. Your bed is also out of bounds, it’s like your matrimonial bed. You have made love with your girlfriend on it. It’s an abomination.You did not plan well. Your girlfriend was right.

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