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Her Son Was Rude Then Woman Decided To Teach Her Son a Lesson And Brought a Homeless Woman Home



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Ms. Evans walked into her son’s room and stopped when she saw that he was fast asleep, his nose buried in the pillow. The woman couldn’t help but smile; he slept just like that when he was a child. The pillow was bunched up into a ball, almost all the covers were on the floor, and he was curled up as if trying to protect himself from something.

When Adam was little, she had tried to flip him over a thousand times, afraid that he would suffocate, but the boy wouldn’t sleep in any other position. Ms. Evans was always amazed at how he could get enough sleep after a night spent in such a cramped position, but Adam always woke up fresh and alert, ready to face the new day.

That was how it was in his childhood, but now he was 28 years old. Sometimes he still behaved like a child. He didn’t want any responsibility and preferred a carefree, unburdened life. Ms. Evans frowned; she remembered why she had come to her son, and resolutely approaching the bed, she touched his shoulder.


“Adam, wake up. I need to talk to you,” she said.

He mumbled something incomprehensible in response, apparently not yet willing to part with the interesting dream.

“Adam,” she called more insistently, “come on, wake up already.”


“Yeah, Mom, what’s up?” the guy reluctantly lifted his head from the pillow.

“Get up and get yourself together. I need to talk to you urgently.”

Ms. Evans went to the kitchen, poured herself some tea, made coffee for her son, and only then did he appear in the doorway, as if sensing its aroma.

“What do we have for breakfast today, Adam?” he asked, kissing his mother on the cheek.


“A serious conversation,” she replied, deciding not to show weakness towards her only beloved son.

“It doesn’t sound very appetizing,” he chuckled. “Well, let’s try it. Maybe I’ll like it.”

“I’m not sure, Perry,” Ms. Evans immediately turned to the topic that concerned her. “Adam, Margaret called me. She said you broke up. Can you tell me why?”


“Because she’s a spoiled girl who wants everyone around her to admire only her,” calmly replied Adam. “She makes herself the center of the universe and doesn’t give a damn about the feelings and desires of other people. Do you think that’s normal?”

“She’s a beautiful girl from a wealthy, successful family. She can afford any behavior. She deserves it,” declared Ms. Evans.

“Interesting,” Adam looked at his mother with an indifferent gaze. “Because she was born into a rich family? That’s not an achievement; it’s a coincidence. Or do you think differently?”


“Adam, you’re wrong. Margaret is very smart. She received a good education, studied without the help of her parents’ connections, and that’s something to be proud of,” said Ms. Evans.

“Why does she need the degree if she’s not going to work anyway?” laughed Adam. “Just to show it off at friendly parties? Girls like her shouldn’t have to work.”

“Exclaimed Ms. Evans. “Then what difference does it make if she has a degree or not?”


Adam persisted, “Son, Ms. Evans pleaded, looking at her son, but you liked her. What happened? Why did you change your attitude towards her? Is that fair? I was so happy when you were together.”

“Her father could have helped you build your career, achieve unprecedented heights in this life,” Mom Adam put his hand on his mother’s hand.

“You underestimate me. I’m not exactly worthless. Of course, I’m not reaching for the stars, but the business I inherited from my father not only didn’t lose but even multiplied. Now we have 36 employees on staff, not 15, and that says something. Of course, if Dad were alive, we would have expanded twice as fast. He had connections and experience, and I had to work from scratch. But I think I’m doing pretty well.”


“I have no doubts about your professional qualities, son,” sighed Ms. Evans. “It’s something else that worries me. You’re not a boy anymore, but you can’t seem to build normal relationships with girls. I was so happy when Margaret appeared in your life. She’s so beautiful, so smart, and she loved you. But you hurt her so much. What did I do?” Adam couldn’t help but ask.

“Don’t you dare raise your voice at me!” Ms. Evans yelled, slamming her hand on the table. “She called me and told me everything. You were cheating on her left and right, and the poor girl couldn’t take it anymore. She left you!”


“Oh, Mom, enough!” Adam got up from the table and headed to the door.

“Come back here! I’m not done talking to you,” Miss Evans’s voice took on the commanding tone that always worked when her son was little.

“I’m done,” Adam replied, not even turning around, and headed to his room. And five minutes later, the front door slammed shut, and Ms. Evans realized that her son had left.


“Well, go then!” she shouted after him. “Go wherever you want!”

The whole day, Ms. Evans was not able to work. She wound herself up to the limit and didn’t know how or where to vent her negative emotions. So, she decided to take a walk around the city, maybe visit some small shops. Ms. Evans quickly got ready and left the house. She spent almost two hours on the waterfront, walking, admiring the silvery water in the sunlight, and enjoying light snacks in a small cafe. Her mood really improved, and she thought she would definitely make peace between Adam and Margaret. After all, they are such a beautiful couple.


Ms. Evans took out her phone and dialed Margaret’s number. She decided to invite her to visit tomorrow, and after dinner, arrange everything so that Margaret and Adam would be alone. And then, they would definitely make peace.

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Ms. Evans smiled. Yes, that’s what she would do. But when she heard Margaret’s voice on the phone, she realized that all her plans had fallen apart.

“Yes, Ms. Evans, I’m listening,” Margaret said with a nervous, faltering voice.


“Margaret, my dear girl, come to dinner with us tomorrow. We will be very happy to see you,” Ms. Evans said.

“Really? And Adam too?” Margaret laughed unpleasantly. “After what he did? What did he do?”

Ms. Evans felt a chill inside. “You told me you broke up, but I don’t know the details.”

“I’ll tell you the details now,” Margaret replied. “I caught your son with someone else. You understand, he lied to me, saying he had an important meeting, but he actually wanted to spend time with some cheap girl. I saw them together with my own eyes, Ms. Evans. You can’t imagine it. He traded me for some homeless woman. If you only saw what she was wearing, it was a real nightmare. And he was kissing her right in front of me!”


“Margaret!” Ms. Evans gasped. “This just can’t be!”

“It can,” Margaret interrupted. “And you know what he did after I approached them? He hit me!” Miss Evans helplessly lowered her hand and stopped listening to what Margaret was saying. When she realized what was happening, she brought the phone back to her ear, but all she could hear was short, nervous beeps.


Out of anger, Ms. Evans went home, determined to make a real scandal for her son as soon as he returned. She was so upset that she almost saw nothing, and as she turned the corner, she bumped into a young, unkempt-looking woman.

“Excuse me,” the woman began to apologize.

“You should watch where you’re going!” Ms. Evans exclaimed. “I’m not going anywhere.”


The stranger shook her head. “I have nowhere to go. My home is the street.”

Ms. Evans, who had already taken a few steps to the side, returned to her. “What are you telling the truth?” She looked at the young woman standing in front of her. “How old are you, and what’s your name?”

“Miranda. I’m turning 20 soon,” she replied. “And how did you end up on the street, dear?”


“Like most of us,” Miranda shrugged. “I grew up in an orphanage. I don’t remember my parents. We had a not-so-good shelter, and many of us went downhill. And I always wanted to live normally, like everyone else. After leaving the shelter, I worked at the market. I helped the owner of several trading points to keep them in order.

I also slept there, and it seemed everything was fine. But one evening, he came to me drunk and started to harass me. I barely escaped and ran away. And now I’ve been living on the street for a week. I help the janitors sweep; they give me a little money for it, enough for bread and milk. And that’s how I live.”

Ms. Evans listened carefully to the girl and suddenly smiled at her. “You know what, Miranda? Let’s go to my place. You’ll live with me. Maybe I can help you with something.”


Miranda shrugged again. “I don’t know. Why do you need this?”

“I just want to help you,” Miranda thought for a moment and nodded. “Thank you very much. I will be very happy. Nobody has ever treated me with such kindness as you.”

Ms. Evans smiled again. She had already come up with a plan to teach her son a lesson.


Adam came home and was surprised to see an unfamiliar girl sitting at the table in his place, eating with appetite what his mother had put in front of her.

“Oh, Mom, we have guests, and I didn’t even know,” he said.

“Well, not exactly guests. Meet Miranda. This is my son, Adam, and this is Miranda. I found her on the street, and now she will live with us,” Ms. Evans introduced them.


Adam’s eyebrows crept up. “What are you making up? What’s surprising you?”

“Miranda is a good girl, and I hope she becomes a good wife to you,” Ms. Evans said. “Me?” Miranda was surprised and tried to stand up, but Ms. Evans put her hand on her shoulder. “Sit here, and we’ll talk with our son in another room.”


Miranda sat back down, and Adam, turning and looking at her once again, followed his mother out.

“Mom, what are you making up?” he asked, unable to contain his irritation.

“What’s wrong with that? You like homeless people, don’t you? So, I brought you a wife. You’re not worthy of anyone else,” Mom replied.


“I don’t understand,” Adam shook his head. “And I’ll explain everything to you,” Ms. Evans said sternly. “But first, tell me, how could you dare to raise your hand to Margaret? The poor girl is so upset.”

“Oh, that’s what it’s all about,” Adam chuckled. “Well then, listen. Margaret loves not me but herself. Yes, Mom, in her universe, there is only her and no one else. Clubs, clothes, leisure, entertainment, that’s all she’s interested in. And don’t talk to me about her anymore. I’m tired of her and don’t want to hear anything else about her.”


“Oh, and one more thing. I didn’t hit her. I never raised my hand to any girl,” Adam continued. “But she, Mom, that night, I refused to go to the club with her. It’s not my thing. I don’t belong there. I don’t acknowledge the crowd, and I don’t accept it. But she loves it. I told Margaret I didn’t want to go there, and she went by herself. And you were meeting someone else at that time.”

Ms. Evans exclaimed, “Yes, I love another girl. She’s kind, sweet, and simple. She works as a nurse in a hospital. I was seeing her off at that moment when Margaret saw us. She was going home by taxi and noticed us, Mom. Margaret caused the scene, attacked Barbara with her fists, and I tried to defend her and only pushed Margaret away lightly. But believe me, I couldn’t hit her. I just couldn’t.”

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“Okay, I believe you,” Ms. Evans unexpectedly softened. “But you should make peace with Margaret. She would make a great match for you. Or maybe I should marry that girl, Miranda, or whatever her name is.”

Adam smirked. “Oh, Miranda,” Ms. Evans exclaimed. “I completely forgot about her. Well, let her stay with us for a couple of days. Then we’ll give her some money and help her find a job. We can’t just throw her out onto the street now. The poor girl has been through enough already.”


“As you wish, Mom,” Adam nodded. “My apartment renovation will be finished soon, and I’ll move back there. You can accommodate whoever you want here.”

A week passed. Adam rarely came home, and Ms. Evans hardly saw him. But Miranda settled in quite well and turned out to be a very sociable and curious girl. She even got along with Ms. Evans. And when she realized that Adam had no intention of returning to Margaret, she began to think, “Why not really marry him to Miranda?”

One day, Adam came home very upset. “What happened, son? You look upset,” Ms. Evans worried.


“We had a fight, Barbara and I. She didn’t explain anything to me. She just said we need to break up, and that’s it,” Adam shook his head.

“And that’s it?” Ms. Evans asked.

“No,” Adam replied. “She also said she loves someone else.”


“Oh, these girls are so fickle,” smiled Ms. Evans. “One minute they love one guy, and the next they love someone else. But don’t worry, there will always be a new option for you.”

“Are you hinting at Margaret again?” Adam looked at his mother.

“No, Margaret left the city. She’ll be living in the capital now,” Ms. Evans replied. “Great, she’s been wanting that for a while,” Adam laughed bitterly. “So, that means I’m left with only one fiance, Miranda. You said I don’t deserve anyone except for homeless people, so how about it, Mom? Let me marry Miranda for real. So what if I hardly know her? She’s just like everyone else — hands feet, head. She’ll bear me a bunch of children, and you’ll finally be happy.”


“What about you?” asked Ms. Evans. “Who cares, Mom? Don’t talk like that,” son pleaded.

Ms. Evans pondered for a moment, and about Miranda, I was just joking. We can’t decide for you,” she said, realizing her mistake. “And I agree,” declared Miranda, emerging from the kitchen. “I like your son, and if we get married, I’ll be happy.”

Adam smiled, and a month later, Miranda became his wife. At first, Ms. Evans was very happy that her son had finally settled down. He tried to come home earlier, brought flowers for his wife and mother, arranged romantic dates for Miranda, and eagerly awaited the happy news that he would soon become a father.


However, that moment never came. A year passed, and then another. Finally, Ms. Evans realized the mistake she had made. Miranda was not the modest and grateful girl she had hoped for. She quickly assumed the role of the mistress, refused to listen to anyone, loved to rest and sleep for as long as possible, and didn’t know how to do anything at all.

“Miranda, maybe you should try to learn how to cook,” Ms. Evans asked her when she once again came over to her son’s home. “Besides sandwiches and store-bought dumplings, you never have anything else. What do you even eat?”


“Why do you care?” Miranda rudely interrupted her. “I’m not obligated to stand at the stove pleasing your son. And besides, he loves pizza and sushi. We often order them, so don’t worry, we’re not starving.”

“Why are you being so rude to me, Miranda?” Ms. Evans snapped. “If you’ve forgotten, let me remind you of where I found you, and my son helped you become a respectable person.”


“Oh really?” Miranda left. “Well then, let me bow down to you for that, and for the rest of my life, I’ll be praising you and your son to the heavens. That would be nice.”

Ms. Evans responded, “It’s a shame I didn’t see right away that you have no conscience. I wonder what you would have become if you continued living on the streets.”

“Why talk about it now?” Miranda shrugged. “You yourself wanted me to become your son’s wife. What are you unhappy about now?”


Ms. Evans was unhappy with everything. She was upset seeing her son unhappy, and most of all, she was worried that he never complained about anything.

Then one day, Ms. Evans’s body failed her. Feeling a strong dizziness, she fell unconscious right on the street. Passersby quickly called for an ambulance. The doctors arrived quickly and took Ms. Evans to the hospital, where she was met by a pretty nurse with kind eyes. She did everything she could to ease the suffering of the unfortunate woman, and soon Ms. Evans was transferred to a ward.


“Please call my son,” she asked the nurse. “Tell him I’m with you; otherwise, he’ll worry.”

The nurse dialed Adam’s number, but when she heard his voice on the phone, she dropped it. “What’s wrong, Ms. Evans asked. “Are you Adam’s mother?”


“Yes, how do you know my son?” Ms. Evans asked.

“Oh, Ms. Evans,” the nurse sighed. “A few years ago, I loved him more than life itself. We even wanted to get married. But then I found out he had a fiance who lived with you in his house. So I told Adam that we had to break up. It was very hard for me to talk about it, but I didn’t want to interfere with your family. Besides, his fiance was expecting a child.”

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“Wait,” said Ms. Evans. “Your Barbara? Adam told me about you. He loved you very much, and he didn’t have a fiance or children either.”


“Oh, Barbara, forgive me. I didn’t let him be with you,” Ms. Evans realized her mistake. “I came up with some stupid idea, made him marry a girl he didn’t love. Her name is Miranda.”

“I know, Barbara replied calmly. “The first time I saw her was when she came to my house for a serious talk. That’s when she said she was Adam’s fiance and lived with you. And then I saw her twice here. She came to have an abortion.”

“What?” Ms. Evans exclaimed. “Yes, I love another girl,” Adam said. “She’s kind, sweet, and simple. She works as a nurse in a hospital. I was seeing her off at that moment when Margaret saw us. She was going home by taxi and noticed us, Mom. Margaret caused a scene, attacked Barbara with her fists, and I tried to defend her and only pushed Margaret away lightly. But believe me, I couldn’t hit her. I just couldn’t.”


Ms. Evans felt a mix of relief and guilt. “I’m sorry, Barbara. I didn’t know the truth.”

Barbara nodded, tears welling up in her eyes. “It’s too late now, Ms. Evans. Adam and I are getting married tomorrow. I still love him, but I understand that he’s moved on.”

Ms. Evans was overwhelmed with regret. She realized her interference had caused pain and broken relationships. She had to rectify her mistakes.


“I’m truly sorry, Barbara,” Ms. Evans said. “I hope you and Adam find happiness together.”

Barbara nodded, a glimmer of forgiveness in her eyes. “Thank you, Ms. Evans. We’ll do our best.”

Days turned into weeks, and Ms. Evans watched from afar as Adam and Barbara rebuilt their relationship. They seemed genuinely happy together, and Ms. Evans knew she had to make amends with Miranda as well.


She reached out to Miranda, apologizing for her misguided actions and offering her assistance in finding a new path in life. Miranda, still bitter and defensive, refused the help at first, but as time went by, she gradually realized the error of her ways.

Miranda began to embrace the opportunities given to her and started working hard to improve herself. With guidance and support, she learned new skills, gained confidence, and eventually found a job that provided stability and purpose.


Ms. Evans had learned her lesson. She understood that meddling in the lives of others without considering the consequences could have devastating effects. She vowed to support her loved ones, but also respect their choices and autonomy.

Years passed, and Ms. Evans witnessed the birth of her grandson, Barbara and Adam’s child. The years brought a newfound joy and happiness to the family. Ms. Evans cherished her role as a doting grandmother and reveled in the love and unity that had been restored.


As time went on, Ms. Evans also reconnected with Margaret, who had found her own path to happiness. Margaret had realized the shallow nature of her previous lifestyle and had embarked on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. She had dedicated herself to philanthropy and making a positive impact in the world.

Margaret and Ms. Evans developed a deep friendship, united by their shared experiences and the lessons they had learned. They supported each other, shared stories, and celebrated the joys of life.


In the midst of this newfound harmony, Ms. Evans reflected on the tumultuous journey that had led her to this point. She realized that her initial intentions had been driven by love for her son, but she had lost sight of what truly mattered—respecting the choices and happiness of those she cared about.

From that day forward, Ms. Evans made a commitment to foster an environment of understanding, acceptance, and support within her family. She acknowledged that true happiness could only be achieved when each individual was allowed to follow their own path and make their own decisions.


As the years rolled on, Ms. Evans continued to witness the growth and success of her loved ones. Adam and Barbara built a strong and loving family, instilling in their children the values of compassion and understanding.

Miranda, too, flourished. With the help and guidance she had received, she transformed into a confident, independent woman who dedicated herself to helping others in need. Miranda’s journey from a troubled past to a life of purpose and fulfillment became an inspiration to those around her.


Ms. Evans took pride in the resilience and growth she had witnessed in her family. She had learned that love, forgiveness, and second chances could mend even the deepest wounds. Her role as a mother, grandmother, and friend became a source of immeasurable joy and fulfillment.

In the end, Ms. Evans realized that the true measure of a person’s worth was not defined by wealth, status, or appearances. It was the capacity to love, support, and uplift one another that truly mattered.


And as she looked back on the challenges and triumphs of her life, Ms. Evans knew that the lessons she had learned would guide her family for generations to come. With love, understanding, and respect as their compass, they would navigate the ever-changing tides of life and forge a future filled with happiness and contentment.

And so, with a heart full of gratitude and wisdom, Ms. Evans embraced the beautiful tapestry of life that had unfolded before her. She cherished the love of her family and the lessons they had taught her, grateful for the journey that had shaped them all into the people they had become.

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