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He Is A Good Man But His Thing Doesn’t Work



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It was when I was dating Jonas that I met Kwaku. He knew I was in a relationship so he only stayed in my life to be a friend. He never showed interest in me or did anything to make me uncomfortable. He was just a good friend to me. He has always been.

As time passed, I came to know him very well. Everything I knew made me trust him. I talked to him about everything, even my relationship problems. He always held space for me whenever I needed to vent. If I had good news, he would celebrate with me. If something awful happened, he would give me his shoulder to lean on. I felt safe with him.


It got to a point where my relationship became a bumpy ride. While I tried desperately to make things work, Jonas was indifferent. I loved him so I didn’t want to walk away without fighting for us. While I fought to save what was left of my relationship, Kwaku stood by me, showing me kindness and unwavering support.

When I found out I was pregnant, Jonas, the man responsible for the pregnancy couldn’t care less. It was Kwaku who was there for me when I made the decision to keep the baby. He was with me every step of the way. You would think I was his wife or that the baby was his. Even through this, I hoped my boyfriend would act right and take responsibility for his child. But he continued to be nonchalant.

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When the baby arrived, I broke up with Jonas. His irresponsible behaviour had gotten worse. It was then I realized that nothing good would come out of holding on to him. The fact that he is the father of my child did not mean I had to be with him.

After the breakup, Kwaku finally professed his love for me. He told me, “I believe my actions have spoken volumes of what I have concealed in my heart all this while. Allow me to be the man you need and the father your baby deserves. I promise to treat you like the queen you are.” I smiled. I asked myself, “Doesn’t he already treat me like a treasure? Or there is more?”


I had grown to love him at this point. And I knew him well enough to know that I want to spend the rest of my life with him. So we started dating officially in 2021. Just as he promised, he has been an amazing partner. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for me; this much I know. I too will go to the ends of the world for him. A man like him deserves all the good this world has to offer. And if it is in my power, I will give it to him.

For the two years we’ve been together, we have not had shuperu. At first, I thought he was waiting for marriage. I didn’t mind. I knew it was just a matter of time before we got married so I patiently waited. However, I noticed that he never mentioned marriage in our conversations. Whenever we talked about the future, there was no indication that he would marry me.

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So yesterday I sat him down and asked, “I know you love me. But tell me, do you want to marry me?” That was when he said; “There is something I haven’t told you.” I panicked immediately the words left his mouth. I thought about all the worst-case scenarios. Is he married? Is he a ghost? We talk about everything, so what could he possibly be hiding?

He saw the look on my face and held my hand. “Relax, it’s not that bad. It’s just a little problem I have had since childhood and now it has affected me as a man,” he began. He explained that he suffered external piles as a child. His mother didn’t treat it for him so he grew up with it.


Now that he is grown up, he has tried to find a remedy but none of the medications he took has worked yet. This problem has affected his sexual life. “It has even reduced the size of my manhood,” he concluded. He said he has never had shuperu before. His only form of sexual gratification is to play with himself.

I Told Him To Go Ahead And Do It

I don’t know if it is the piles that have shrunk his thing or his constant playing with himself. He also said he has weak erection. This things that his thing doesn’t get hard all the way. I haven’t seen it before, let alone touched it. So I can’t tell for myself what it looks like. But the fact that he hasn’t even made any attempt to touch me in the two years we’ve been together says a lot about his predicament.

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This man has done nothing but show me unwavering support since he came into my life. I believe that it is now my turn to stand by him. That’s why I brought our story here. I want to help him find a solution to his problem because it is now my problem too. I don’t know where to begin. I will be more than grateful if anyone here can point me in the right direction. Where can we find a cure for external piles, and weak erection? What should we do to make it go away for good? Please, help us out.

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