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This 21-Year-Old Has Only Been Kissed One Time And Has Never Gone On A Date, So She’s Starting To Get Anxious About Ending Up Alone



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A 21-year-old girl has only been kissed one time in her life, and she has never gone on a date, so she’s beginning to get really anxious about ending up all alone.

Growing up, she had two very best friends that got really competitive with her when they all hit the age where they started being interested in guys.

Things between her and her friends turned into a race for who could get a specific guy or go on certain dates.


“I don’t think they were like, evil beings sent to give me torment, but I turned out extremely insecure because they’ve constantly reminded me with backhanded compliments that I was the least pretty of us three, and I believed them,” she explained.

“I mean, what can I say? High school years suck, somebody had to suffer the collateral damage. I was always trying to compensate for my “lack of beauty” (which now I know I don’t have) by being super nerdy and getting all the good grades so I could be the best out of us three in at least something, and then I started to use this excuse to explain why I don’t date.

She claimed to have too much on her plate and to be too involved in school to be bothered with guys or dates, but that wasn’t the truth.

One time when she was hanging out with these friends of hers and some guys, they peer pressured her into kissing a guy.

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That pressure was just too much for her and she has never been able to really get over that terrible moment in her life.

Fast forward to now; she’s been out of high school for 5 years and is set to graduate from college soon.

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