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Texas Grandpa Runs to Say Goodbye to Granddaughter Every Time She Leaves until His Last Day



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One granddaughter recorded the heartwarming tradition she shared with her precious grandpa, leaving her with a lifetime of memories she would treasure forever.

Eska Miller showered his grandkids with love, and he adored being a pillar of strength in their lives. The Texan was affectionately called “Guywa” by his loved ones and showed unconditional devotion and care for them whenever possible.

As Eska got older, he savored every moment with his family and took pride in seeing the little ones grow up. He also shared a unique tradition with his grandkids, and this went viral online.

Haley Gamez and her husband, Danie Gamez, were lucky to have grandpa Eska in their lives. He spoiled them and their children whenever they came to visit.

For as long as Haley could remember, her precious Guywa would wave goodbye to her whenever she left his home. He had a little goodbye run that he would do alongside her departing car, and the activity quickly became a tradition.

In 2022, Haley shared some sad news with the online community who had come to know and love her granddad. It was an announcement nobody wanted to hear.

Haley shared that her grandfather did the goodbye run for her entire life and hoped one day she would be able to do it with her grandkids.

Valuing loved ones and making them feel special were just two of the many lessons Eska taught Haley, and she planned on following his lead for the rest of her life.

The simple goodbye tradition meant the world to Haley and the rest of her family, and they would cherish it forever. The proud grandchild added:

“[This is] what memories are made of.”

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In 2021, Haley shared a compilation clip of her grandfather doing his classic goodbye run. The footage touched many hearts, and netizens instantly fell in love with Eska.

When asked about his newfound fame, the doting grandfather comically replied:

“Well, I puff up when people tell me [about the video], and I say, ‘man, I’m popular

In 2022, Haley shared some sad news with the online community who had come to know and love her granddad. It was an announcement nobody wanted to hear. The kind elderly man passed away, and his death was tough on Haley’s family.

He held a special place in their hearts, and his absence was felt daily. In a tear-jerking remembrance video of their loved one, the granddaughter shared her Guywa’s last run and said she couldn’t wait to see him again one day. She added:

“We’re really going to miss you, Guywa. Until we meet again. As the life of a flower, as a breath or a sigh, so the years that we live as a dream hasten by; true, today we are here, but tomorrow may see just a grave in the vale, and a memory of me. We love you, Our Guywa.”

The online community was in awe of the sweet grandfather and how he treated his beloved family members. Many were also moved to tears by his actions, and they encouraged others to value their grandparents:

“Omg I’m crying!!! My grandpa did this to all us grandkids. He died in 2004 due to Alzheimer’s. Cherish your grandparents while they’re here.”

– (Megan Peoro) April 9, 2021


“My eyes are welling up so much right now!!! I’m happy for you that you have your grandparents. I’m 50 years old, and mine on both sides have passed. May God continue to strengthen them daily. I don’t know them, but I can tell they’re wonderful, loving people.”

– (Daphne English) April 9, 2021

“Both of my grandfathers died before I was born. This man is so beautiful and I love him. He’s taking all his energy to run and say goodbye to his children and his grandbabies. That is a strong love.”

– (Sweetz Lovin) April 9, 2021

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