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I Visited My Husband’s Village For The First Time Only To Find Out His Biggest Secret



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A woman married to her husband for years has revealed shocking details she found when she visited her husband’s village for the first time. Begging many not to trust anyone, she shared her story.

For about 6 years I have been wedded to my husband and we have a fine baby girl, and we were a perfect couple I thought, till I went to his Village. Before we got married my husband was looking for job all around and then I helped him and to God be the glory he got one with well paid salary and an apartment with a car officially, and then not so long we got married because of the way things where going smoothly with both of us.

I was a fool to not to have noticed that when ever I bring up the issue about his Village he gets angry, I guess I was blinded by his love, care , God fearing and all the qualities a lady may want in a guy like him.

It got to a point where he then said that he may leave me if I every mention anything concerning his Village then I thought maybe his people did him wrong. Well before we got married he told me that his parents where no more and he doesn’t relates with his relatives well then I had doubt about him but he was too good.

But the good thing was that he didn’t keep his Village name hidden from me and I went looking for his Village just to confirm what may have really happened, I searched all over the Village for almost a mouth till I came across someone who managed to recognize his face on a photograph. Who claimed to to a relative to the man and took me to their house.

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When I got there I was shocked though, seeing the boys in the house looking like my husband then My curiosity was heightened, so I introduced my self to the lady of the house and we talk, she revealed that the man in question was her husband too that the children I was seeing are her children and my husband’s.

And then again she told me of how they communicate and how he sends money to them always to take care of the family. To Confirm the whole story she called my husband and turned on the speaker and I recognize my husband voice on the phone so I left.

So I wondered how could he do this to me keeping such big secret and after all I have done for him. Thinking of how to confront him with the issue, and I lied to him that I went on a business trip too.

Who should I tell my baby girl, that I was stupid for all there years..? Should I end the marriage? Being heartbroken and I got all these questions running through my mind pls advice..


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