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Remember the 52-year-old White Woman who Married an Africa Prince And Gave Birth to Twins? Here’s what happened (Video)



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Natalia vedanina natalia understood that love doesn’t care about skin color distance culture and age is just a number and love certainly doesn’t care about what other people think or say either.

It transcends and breaks all these barriers and her story is a proof of all these and more she lives in charapovets a city in vologda oblast and is less than 500 kilometers away from moscow natalya is a nurse who found love at a very young age she describes her first love as electric passionate reckless delicate and filled with all.


The other things you would most likely see in a relationship with two young people their relationship was filled with a lot of nights at the club lots of arguments and fights these quarrels were then settled not by their friends or family but by their most effective peacemaker.

A bottle of vodka for her and her lover all is forgotten and forgiven after they shared a bottle of cheap spirits the russian states that any smart person could tell that…CONTINUE.READING.FULL.STORY.HERE..>>>

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