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Remember the 52-year-old White Woman who Married an Africa Prince And Gave Birth to Twins? Here’s what happened (Video)



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Natalia vedanina natalia understood that love doesn’t care about skin color distance culture and age is just a number and love certainly doesn’t care about what other people think or say either.

It transcends and breaks all these barriers and her story is a proof of all these and more she lives in charapovets a city in vologda oblast and is less than 500 kilometers away from moscow natalya is a nurse who found love at a very young age she describes her first love as electric passionate reckless delicate and filled with all.

The other things you would most likely see in a relationship with two young people their relationship was filled with a lot of nights at the club lots of arguments and fights these quarrels were then settled not by their friends or family but by their most effective peacemaker.


A bottle of vodka for her and her lover all is forgotten and forgiven after they shared a bottle of cheap spirits the russian states that any smart person could tell that her first relationship wouldn’t last forever but that didn’t stop her and her partner from getting married.

Natalya and her partner got married and then a year after they had a son named anatoly she thought having a child would help their relationship grow stronger and give them a reason to treat each other better, but despite having a child their relationship couldn’t survive another 365 days.

their son was barely 1 years old when she and her husband chose to go their separate ways following their divorce natalia was wary about giving love a chance again she had several other relationships but they never worked out it seemed like natalia was never meant to find love and she was about to stop trying.

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when her friend convinced her to join a dating site my first few months on the website i didn’t see anyone i was interested in i already told my friend that even the dating site wasn’t working for me.

I had stopped going there checking for any updates or updating my profile then i got a message from my nigerian prince she said natalia got a message from a nigerian man known as gabriel ajayi when she got his message she expected this conversation to lead nowhere just like every other, she’s had on the platform the russians stated that she only replied as a courtesy but with time their chance became more interesting and she realized that she’s fallen in love with him.

However there were several obstacles to their relationship she said i remember telling myself why would you fall in love with the one person i would probably never get to be with, not only they were separated by over kilometers but there was also the language barrier and the fact that gabriel was a prince didn’t make matters easier gabrielle’s culture wasn’t very open to having a woman of another tribe as a wife of their prince and their future queen.


what’s a queen who can communicate with her own people natalia also explained that gabriel’s parents didn’t want her to marry their son either this wasn’t only because she wasn’t seen as one of their people but there was also the little matter of gabrielle being 18 years younger than natalya.

The nigerian was 32 years old his family didn’t want him to marry someone who they said was old enough to be his mother some of his family members also said that perhaps the reason why the woman was interested in him was that he was a prince instead his parents wanted him to marry someone in their community who understand their customs and tradition.

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So they forbade the relationship however that didn’t stop gabrielle from talking to the woman he loved he understood that natalya loved him for who he was and not because of his status or anything else the duo continued the chat and their love for each other only became stronger after some time, gabrielle was able to convince his parents to let him marry natalia he organized several video calls in which his parents were able to talk to her and get to know her.

Watch Video Below For Complete Details:

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